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Nike: Just DON’T Do It

See! Even Mars Blackmon is outraged. We dont like it Nike. Just DONT do it!

See! Even Mars Blackmon is outraged. We dont like it Nike. Just DONT do it!

If there is something I hold near and dear to my heart, it’s my sneakers. I’ve always been the odd girl out. I was the tomboy. Never been into heels. Never was big on the weave thing. I pride myself on my sneakers. I treat them like my children. They’re all still in the original boxes and organized by retro number and color. Call me obsessed if you must. Just know Lady Lia takes her sneaker collection very seriously.

Recently we’ve all taken notice to the grotesque footwear Nike has been releasing. Real sneakerheads like myself cannot and will not accept the letdown that is the fusion. See, I don’t even respect it enough to give it a capital letter. Nike, how dare you take my beloved Retros and combine them to make such an ungodly creation!

It is also a slap in the face to see Retro Jordans being re-released over and over and over again. Sure, it gives sneaker addicts a chance to catch up on their missed favorites, but it also gives posers the opportunity to fake the funk. A pair 2009 Space Jams and a “I Got 99 Problems By My Kicks Ain’t One” tee doesn’t make you a sneaker collector. Sorry boo. Honestly, it makes me not want to collect anymore. I remember scheduling, saving, and budgeting to get the newest pair of Jordans. Now, a pair drops every weekend. WTF?

The fact of the matter is a lot of dedicated Nike fans feel the same way I do. Nike needs to get with the program. Stick to what you’ve done best, and continue to support those who have supported you. You’re losing loyal customers for Pete’s sake! You do have customers, like myself, who have invested thousands in the brand. At least keep US pleased. If you’re that desperate, create a new sneaker. I understand the old ideas made moolah and I understand Nike is a business, but DAG! I worked hard to keep my sneakers in tip-top condition, scuff free, and crease free. Let my collection be respected for what it is, a collection.

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3 Responses to “Nike: Just DON’T Do It”

  1. a the great says:

    Preach my sista preach!!!!!!!

  2. Will the days of Nike heat return? That is the question.


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