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My Two Cents: The Tiger Woods Nike Ad – Love It or Hate It?

My Two Cents:  The Tiger Woods Nike Ad - Love It or Hate It?

My Two Cents: The Tiger Woods Nike Ad - Love It or Hate It?

The internet’s been abuzz with opinions flying about whether people love or hate the new Nike Tiger Woods ad. The ad features a pensive Tiger Woods with his late father, Earl Wood’s voice in the background. If you haven’t seen it, check it out:

I’ve read many opinions online and it seems many people don’t like the ad. I’ve even seen some people say they’ll never buy Nike again.

I actually like the ad. I think Nike did the best they could do under the uncomfortable circumstances. Rather than create an ad that glossed over the scandal, or simply ignored it, they faced it head on.

Tiger Woods got his deal with Nike because he is an exceptional athlete, not a model husband. Do I think what he did is ok? Of course not. But I really don’t care what athletes, politicians, celebrities do in their personal lives.

Anyone who says they won’t buy a Nike product because of this really needs to dig deep and explore what that means. They may as well stop buying anything because I would bet money that executives, or someone along the company chain, of everything that person buys, is probably not the most morally, upright person.

The new ad is short, simple and to the point. I applaud Nike for taking a stance that is a bit risky and had the potential for (and is having)a backlash. At the end of the day there’s no such thing as good press, right? People are talking and Nike is on their lips – good or bad.

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3 Responses to “My Two Cents: The Tiger Woods Nike Ad – Love It or Hate It?”

  1. nicole says:

    I agree that it was a smart move by Nike to address the issue rather than ignore it, but I do think that Nike could have done a little more with it, creatively. Hopefully this is the first of a series of ads to come.

  2. Mary says:

    As usually Nike chooses to back men who continue to defile women. I am so tired of big corporations not being able to find positive role models among the millions of people who do good works in the world. I feel for his wife and children, but he had his moment in the sun and he blew it. So move on to someone who is a shinning star to young adults!!!! Why is it the job of the public to raise him back to good standing? What about the everyday people who do good works all the time and don’t get any recognition, much less a celebrity you pay millions of dollars to be a role model and can’t do it even when a huge salary is a stake. NIKE GET A CLUE!!!!!

  3. Ana Ana says:

    AHHH GHOST DAD SPEAKING FROM THE GREAT BEYOND!!! Seriously, I think Nike did a great job by addressing the issue and not simply trying to ignore it, but I must say I am a wee bit tired of all this Tiger talk. As far as Nike backing men who defile women, really? I think the bigger issue is that society places a premium on the athletes and actors instead of the humanitarians who are actually working on making our world a better place to live in not just entertaining us.


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