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My Latest Obsession: LUSH Cosmetics

My Latest Obsession: LUSH Cosmetics

My Latest Obsession: LUSH Cosmetics

This week (or any week, really) I’m obsessed with LUSH Cosmetics. I love the way the stores smell; their commitment to organic products; the quirky, tongue in cheek names of their products; the smiling staff members and the excitement they have every time they demonstrate bath bombs. No matter what kind of day I’m having, I’m always happy as soon as I walk into my local LUSH store. There’s so much fun in there, it’s impossible not to!

There are several products that I’ve found at LUSH that I just couldn’t live without. I have very fine, stick straight hair and I’ve had a horrible time finding products that work with it without weighing it down. I’m talking lifetime of frustration here. After lamenting the state of my mane to a salesclerk one day, she recommended NEW!, a solid shampoo that smells like red hots or hot tamale candies. Not only does it help encourage new hair growth, it also plumps up the hair you have. The other product that I religiously use in the battle against dull, flat hair is The Big Tease, a “gel” product that is actually more of a cream/lotion than the gel you’re typically used to. Put a little bit at the roots of your hair once you’ve blown it out and hello bed-head! I’ve work this stuff out to bars and clubs, weddings, out in the wind and in rainy weather. It’s never failed me. Bye-bye flat hair!

Another product I just can’t live without is the Enchanted Eye Cream. When I first tested this product, the clerk told me that one of his regular customers was debating getting Botox and used this cream as an alternative to the injection. I’m pretty skeptical of claims like this, especially at point of purchase, but I was given a free sample and really had nothing to lose, other than some fine lines around my eyes. My wrinkles aren’t at the point where I would consider a cosmetic alternative, but I will say that I have noticed a difference in my skin’s elasticity and the wrinkles have gone down. I’m a believer! Helpful hint: keep your bottle in the fridge for an extra cooling and calming effect for your eye area.

Aside from the love that LUSH products can give your hair and face, their bath and shower products really can’t be beat. Their bath bombs not only simulate being in a spa, they have colorful strips of paper and glitter to pep up what might be a pretty standard (dare I say boring) bath. The scents are amazing (without being overpowering) and your skin feels smooth and pampered when you emerge from your bath. If you don’t have a bathtub to drop said bomb in, the emotibombs can’t be beat. They work with the steam of the shower and aromatherapy to pep you up and get you ready for your next adventure. The Too Drunk emotibomb actually helps you get rid of a hangover (really!).

Whether you’re looking for help with your hair and face, or looking to add some love to your routine in the bath/shower, you can’t go wrong with any of the products at LUSH. Enjoy!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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