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My Latest Obsession: Dynamo Donuts

The Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Donut from Dynamo Donuts

The Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Donut from Dynamo Donuts

For those of you that don’t know me very well, I love donuts. LOVE them. They’re one of my favorite things in the whole world. Give me a maple bar and I’m the happiest kid on the block. I’ve bought donuts for the office, eaten them as a much needed filler after a night of drinking, I even brought some to the bridal chamber of one of my best friends before she got married. I have to admit I wasn’t very picky about where I got my donuts until fairly recently, when enough people told me I needed to go visit a very specific shop to get my donut fix.

Located in the outskirts of San Francisco’s Mission District sits an unassuming, but welcoming donut shop that will change your life. I’m not kidding. You think you’ve had donuts before? You haven’t had a donut until you have one from Dynamo Donuts, especially my favorite, the Maple Glazed Bacon Apple (MGBA). There’s always a line outside of the building, with the faithful waiting with bated breath to see what options await them (the menu changes daily). There’s not a lot of talking in line, mostly because there’s only a certain number of donuts that they make and when they sell out, that’s it. If you announce your donut choice to the world, it might be gone before you get there (hence the bated breath). While you may miss out on your favorite choice (this has happened to me several times), the good news is that it forces you to pick from the other choices on the menu for that day, which are pretty tasty options. You just can’t go wrong with a donut from here.

These little bits of heaven bring me so much joy, I can’t wait to introduce others to their delicious goodness. I love watching their face as they take the first bite, going from skeptic (this donut can’t be THAT good) to convert (OMG, where have these been all my life!?). It’s like Christmas! The last time I took someone here, he stared at the uneaten half of my donut until I gave the go ahead to eat it. I don’t even think he was paying attention to the conversation anymore, he was so focused on the donut. Behold, the power of the MGBA!

You’ve got to get up early to enjoy these tasty morsels, as the Maple Bacon will easily sell out before 11AM on the weekends. And it’s easy to see why. The MGBA is the perfect balance of salty, savory and sweet. You bite in and the sweetness of the maple is countered by the saltiness of the bacon pieces sprinkled on top of it.  The dough itself is light and fluffy, with the perfect amount of doughiness (for lack of a better term) and sweetness to compliment the flavors sitting up top. It doesn’t get in the way of you enjoying the topping,  and doesn’t sit in the bottom of your tummy after you’ve eaten it. You can actually taste how fresh these donuts are. They haven’t been sitting in a fridge somewhere, waiting to be made. It’s perfection in a donut!

Now go get one!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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  1. traci p says:

    these donuts are sooooooo good


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