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Meter Maid Why You Gotta Do Me Like That? Or Try To Anyway?

M.I.S.S. LIFE: Meter Maids!

M.I.S.S. LIFE: Meter Maids!

Last Saturday I went to brunch with a girlfriend and the boy. Conversations were hilarious, food was amazing and the drinks were flowing. So we were wrapping up and capping the tab and proceeded to head out, cross the street as my car was in visible sight there was someone standing at the window where the sticker (parking verification) had been placed.

A red light went off in my head and I had left my dear girlfriend and the boy behind as I went sprinting down a side street on Capitol Hill as I yell “NOOOOO!!!” “PLEASE!!!?” “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”  to one of the most hated person in Seattle; the Meter Maid.  Of course it really wasn’t that tragic, I made Julia and David laugh, a random couple and the Meter Maid himself.

But really? My sticker still had 2 minutes left. What a sneaky rascal. If the waiter hadn’t hurried up with our check I would have been SOL with a $35 ticket.  I told the MM that “I couldn’t get ANOTHER ticket”, and he replies “Oh, so you are that type?” Eat poops! Yes I have had a ton of parking tickets, ok BOSS? I have.   As much as I do hate Meter Maids I do have to give it to ’em. Talk about big money!

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