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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Urbanears Plattan Headphones Look Good, Sound Better

Urbanears new Plattan headphones come in a multitude of colors

Urbanears new Plattan headphones come in a multitude of colors

I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out by now that the stock headphones that come with the mp3 player of your choice (I’ll just go ahead and guess some variation of the iPod) are generally not what’s poppin’ in the streets.  Yeah, if this were 2001 people would be shouting OMGWTFBBQ whenever they saw you whip out your glistening white earbuds, but in 2010 they don’t hold the same kind of cachet they once had.  They’re kind of generic and, worst of all, sound like crap.  Why not stand out from the crowd and do your music some justice with the Plattan headphone from upstart brand Urbanears (fear not, suburban and rural ears are welcome too).

These classic yet stylish full sized headphones come in every color known on the Pantone chart and provide listeners with a clear, rich, secluded sound.  Friends can even join in using the special “zound plug”, which allows someone to plug their headphones into one of yours and get their jam on.  Other innovations include an in-line remote compatible with the iPhone and most Nokia, HTC, and Blackerry phones under the sun.  The Planttans are also ridiculously comfortable, with a cloth cord and headpiece that can be adjusted enough to fit on even the largest of noggins, and when you’re done using them they can be folded into the size of your fist and stuffed safely in a bag.

Available now in  boutique near you, each colorful pair retails for around $60.  It’s the price you pay to keep your ears from bleeding.

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