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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Sustain the Environment With ThinkSound

Help sustain the environment with Thinksound's Rain and ts01 earbuds

Help sustain the environment with Thinksound's Rain and ts01 earbuds

Earth Day may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about the environment.  Do you want your children’s children to grow up on Mars because you couldn’t be bothered to recycle?  There’s already a plethora of great green gadgets out there that’ll keep Mother Nature happy for a little bit longer, but nobody has really bothered with making sustainable headphones…until now.  Enter Thinksound, a new audio company with the goal of bringing high end earbuds with a reduced ecological impact to the masses.  Their inaugural models, the Rain and  ts01 (formerly Thunder), both come housed in sustainably harvested wood and aluminum enclosures.  Each has PVC-free cables and comes with a cotton carrying pouch.  Packaging has been tweaked to eradicate chlorine bleaching, increase recycled content, and minimize  the amount of materials used overall.  Just as important, they sound good..  The Rain’s ($99.99) 9mm driver offers a clear, full sound while the  ts01’s ($74.99) 10mm driver provides a (wait for it) thunderous, thumping bass.  Both are available in Thinksound’s online store in two colors (black chocolate and silver cherry) and come with four sets of silicone ear plugs to provide maximum comfort.

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