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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: New iPad, New Line of Incase Accessories

New Apple Products Mean New Apple Accessories

New Apple Products Mean New Apple Accessories

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, under a rock, or somewhere at the bottom of the ocean you’re probably aware that the long awaited Apple iPad dropped over the weekend.  In fact, you might be reading this on your iPad right now.  I know you’re probably drooling over the beautiful screen, or thinking about all the new apps you’re going to download, but quit all that non-sense and think about what really matters: protecting your extremely expensive giant iPod investment.  Luckily Incase is already on the scene with a handful of iPad specific gear that will keep your brand new, shiny baby safe and sound.  The Grip Protective Cover (available in black and purple) is a durable, silicone rubber case that features two contoured rails on its back panel that enhances grip and comfort when holding your iPad in the landscape position.  The Convertible Book Jacket, which makes your iPad look almost like a giant moleskine notebook, secures your iPad during travel and in landscape mode when you feel like watching a movie with friends (or frenemies).  For those extra long trips there’s the Nylon Travel Kit Plus, a more comprehensive protection system that features nylon construction, three sided zippered closure, a super soft faux fur lining, and tons of pockets for your accessories.  There are iPad compatible Combo and Car Chargers as well, so there won’t be any need to worry about running out of juice while roaming the streets in search of frappucinos.

This is only the first way of iPad products from Incase and they’re all available now in their webstore and the Apple Store.

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    glad to know about this latest news about ipad stuff,:)


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