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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Refine Your Face with Apples

An Apple a Day Keeps the Dermatologist Away

An Apple a Day Keeps the Dermatologist Away

Sometimes, no matter how healthy you eat, your skin looks like you’re scarfing down junk food.  It’s essential to eat good to look good, but you also have to have a good beauty routine to keep your skin looking great.  How do you know what products to use on the outside?  Take a cue from your diet, and it’ll be easy to know what ingredients you should be looking for not only on your plate, but also in your medicine cabinet.  Apples, a notoriously nutritious fruit, can keep the doctor away, specifically, the dermatologist.  It’s packed with vitamin C, an antioxidant that is also well known for promoting healthy skin.  Zia Natural Skincare summoned the powers of the apple and has created the Apple Refining Mask, a lightweight mask that can clarify clogged or sun-damaged skin.

When I received the jar for review, I was excited to try it because of the all natural ingredients.  You can forget about paraben preservatives in this list!  The special recipe uses organic apple juice, plantain, and pectin to eliminate toxins and impurities, while minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores and firming the skin.  Other ingredients sound just as good to eat and also benefit the skin, like sugar cane to naturally exfoliate, grapefruit essential oil to encourage cellular renewal, and lemon juice and green tea to minimize fine lines and correct sun damage.  It’s great for smoothing fine lines and simply rejuvenating your skin!

One of the downfalls of using a mask is actually looking like you’re wearing one.  If the doorbell rings, forget about answering it because you wouldn’t want anyone to see you looking like that!  But with this mask, it’s dries clear and feels so lightweight, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it!  When I first opened the jar, the sweet smell of apples gave me a dose of aromatherapy.  I seriously almost wanted to taste it.  After washing my face, I applied a thin layer, and after only 30 seconds, I felt a slight tingling wave of freshness.  After about 3 minutes, the mask firmed up just enough so that I can tell that its working, but not too much to the point when I can’t even talk.  When 15 minutes had passed, I washed it off.  I loved how smooth my skin felt!

If that isn’t enough for you, the packaging can also make you feel good.  It was created with windmill power and printed with soy ink, on 50% post-consumer waste.  A beauty product that’s good for your skin and the environment is good for me.

The Apple Refining Mask from Zia Natural Skincare is available at the Zia Natural website and Whole Food Markets.  Grab a .25 oz. portion for $5.95, or a 1 oz. jar for $24.95.  While you’re at it, pick up a couple of apples, too.

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