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Little Miss Frustrated: Gentlemen, Or Lack Thereof

Little M.I.S.S. Frustrated sez: Click THIS!

Little M.I.S.S. Frustrated

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are hardly any gentlemen left on this earth, or at least in my region. Hey,  slim pickings in Seattle. I’ve recently become single and of course I’ve started to date. I enjoy dating, I think it’s fun, meeting new men and getting to know someone, the early butterflies and excitement.  Until you start to see the notions of chivalry from this bumpkin are dead. Then it makes me question myself and I know you ladies have all asked yourself the same question when dealing with some dude who wasn’t on his act right: “what am I doing with you?”  Seriously homeboy, I don’t want to have to regret me hanging out with you because you weren’t potty trained.

In times past, a gentleman was much appreciated and being gentlemanly was a noble thing. However, things have changed in today’s society; some for the better and some for the worse. One thing that particularly irks me is the lack of good taste and etiquette of most guys that are guilty of at the turn of this new millennium. Talk about being on a serious no bueno campaign. I have been lucky enough to have had met kosher gents from time to time, but then there is always that bad seed that pops up once in a while. I’m looking for a  polite, intelligent, witty, talented, modest, well dressed, well groomed, and culturally aware guy.  How did guys get so afraid of these personality traits? Am I asking for too much? I don’t know what to blame it on, them running with a pack of turds or in all honesty him not giving a rat’s furry bum?

I really hate to go and quote RevRun’s tweets but one really struck home, he said:


I believe that.  It works.  I’m not about to sit around and let anyone, especially someone who I’m dating nBut I think what bothers me too is that when you bring things up don’t tell me “I’ll make it up to you”. A true gentleman wouldn’t have to say anything, he’d just do it.  Don’t tell me things I want to hear, do things that will make me want to listen to what you have to say in the future. I’m not afraid to cut a fool loose but I also do believe in making it work a little bit. But sometimes ladies, a bumpkin is a lost cause.  Live and learn, teach or be taught.

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5 Responses to “Little Miss Frustrated: Gentlemen, Or Lack Thereof”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    I raise my hands in hallelujah! Amen sister, this was much needed!

  2. Sistargirl Leilanie says:

    This is definitely hitting close to me today. Since when was it MY FAULT a dude goes and yells to his homies, “Look that girl ain’t wearing a bra.”

    I didn’t know being fully clothed while letting my girls breathe was a crime in California. IT’S HOT! I don’t like under boob sweat. Respect.

    Then to get other dudes saying, “if you don’t want that kind of attention, wear a bra next time.”

    How about, man the hellz up, respect my space and body, and quit being so sexist. You don’t see me talking mess when dudes go walking around shirtless.

  3. Oh, a gentleman is on my list of MUST. There are a lot of non-gentlemen, which is disappointing, and honestly, I can help refine but I have enough work to do outside training a dude. Parents, teach your kids now so the next generation has it better.

  4. And the congregation said “AMEN!”

  5. stjohn says:

    Its both faults. The way we are perceived, and then the want to be more of an equal in this world has lead to some drawbacks. Not enough chivalry and a lot more buttholes to deal with. But I agree with Rev’s statement, even though my moms been telling me that for a minute lol


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