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LA 4/25: Ladies Lotto & Slideluck Potshow Present Women’s Work

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Ladies Lotto & Slideluck Potshow Present Women’s Work

Ladies Lotto & Slideluck Potshow Present Women's Work

WOMEN’S WORK: An evening of food and art
celebrating women’s lives

WHO: The lifestyle networking community Ladies Lotto and the innovative non-profit Slideluck Potshow and have partnered to create a unique multi-media event: Women’s Work, an evening devoted to celebrating the contemporary female experience.  Artists from around the world will present images that explore the current state of women’s lives-from inspiring success stories to the profound adversities women face.

“We’re always looking to shake up the way people traditionally view ‘women’s issues’ and awareness, that’s why we joined forces with Slideluck Potshow to bring the public a fun, fresh perspective with Women’s Work,” states Natalie Blacker, Founder of Ladies Lotto. Slideluck Potshow founder Casey Kelbaugh adds, “By breaking bread together we can also build a foundation for raising awareness around women’s issues and facilitate constructive dialogue. I’m thrilled we can provide a proven platform for engaging a diverse audience in common goals of sharing- not just dinner, but art and ideas”.

WHAT: Open to the public, the event will feature the work of a diverse range of artists, many of whom are based in LA and will be in attendance.  Confirmed artists with subject include: Lauren Greenfield on girl culture and fashion week; Alex Prager on Hollywood identity; Elinor Carucci on raising children; Jodi Bieber on sexual abuse in South Africa; Phillip Toledano on plastic surgery; Jen Davis on living with obesity; Alessandra Sanguinetti on adolescence; Alicia Ross on pornography; Jennifer Shaw on childbirth during Hurricane Katrina; Brenda Ann Kenneally on motherhood and poverty; Angelika Rinnhofer on ballet; Sari Wynne women and shoes; Michael & Davida Horn on domestic abuse; Lynette Astaire on African-American female identity; Anastasia Taylor-Lind on women soldiers in Turkey, and many others.

Women’s Work is an opportunity for an eclectic mix of artists & art-appreciators combined with creative, business and politically-minded opinion leaders to come together in a congenial, spirited atmosphere at one of LA’s finest art galleries.

WHEN: Sunday, April 25th, 2010, from 3pm until 9:00pm.

A designer’s lounge and potluck begins at 3:30pm, continues until the slideshow begins at 6pm and ends at 8pm with an after-party ending by 9pm, with one intermission.

WHERE: Kopeikin Gallery, 8810 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, California 90069

WHY: Women’s Work is not your typical gallery event. Not only will there be amazing art by talented emerging artists, but preceding the slideshow will be an emerging local designers lounge, potluck dinner and open bar allowing participants to mingle and network, and promote discourse on women’s lives around the globe.

PRICE: $10 minimum donation while VIP tickets start at a minimum donation of $25.  Tickets are limited and can be purchased online or day-of. Please visit: 

Lindsey Benoit, 718-908-6593, lindsey@ladieslotto.com

ABOUT THE CREATORS: Founded in New York City by Natalie Blacker in 2006, Ladies Lotto is a finely-cultivated international lifestyle and networking community aimed at developing the professional and personal success of independent women.  As a collective, Ladies Lotto shifts the paradigm in the way women work together creatively to build strategies of allegiance and growth through culturally relevant projects and positive social impact campaigns, simple consumerism to create and form emerging cultures, communities, and social beneficiaries.  With chapters in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, and members hailing from Sydney to Paris, Ladies Lotto is a more than just a community but a cultural force.

Slideluck Potshow was founded in the backyard of advertising and editorial photographer Casey Kelbaugh, in 2000.  Today, SLPS is a New York-based arts non-profit (501c3) that hosts slideshow potlucks in about 50 cities globally-from São Paulo, to Stockholm to San Francisco. Slideshows are accompanied by music, commentary, or other surprises. Women’s Work takes a model that has been developed and refined over a decade and puts a thoughtful and insightful spotlight on the issues facing women today.

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