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Ken & Dana’s Excellent Customer Service

The front of the card made by Lady Pym

The front of the card made by Lady Pym

I just want to pause our regular programming to give a shout-out to jewelry designers Ken & Dana. No, I did not get anything for free, so stop assuming! Ass-Of-U-And-Me.

I have been wanting the Loving v. Virginia Rights necklace from Ken & Dana’s B-Side line for a minute now, and last month my man got it for me for my birthday. My man feared the gift would not arrive in time, so he emailed the designers personally to inquire. Not only did Ken & Dana ship the necklace on time, they were in fact, a day early – and my man did not pay extra for this rush delivery. The necklace was beautifully packaged, and they enclosed a HAND-WRITTEN birthday note signed by both the designers. On a radical handmade notecard by Lady Pym. In summary, they went out of their way to provide stellar customer service – and they will forever get a thumbs up from me because of all of their help.

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One Response to “Ken & Dana’s Excellent Customer Service”

  1. BLB BLB says:

    I’m so happy to know that there are those that still put the “service” in customer service. I could go on a huge rant right now but I’ll save that for a “little MISS Frustrated” post perhaps 😉


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