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Gals with Gauges

Pixi is the epitome of a bad bitty with gauges. Oh yeah!

Pixie is the epitome of a bad bitty with gauges. Oh yeah!

We’re women and we’re all different. Our differences are what make us special. Well, based on society’s opinion my idea of beauty is a little off. To me, expressions of individuality are amazingly hot. Tattoos and all that jazz are beautiful to me. Sadly, I have a phobia of needles so I took a less pointy alternative to express myself. Yes. I, Lia Del Fresco, crossed over from Southern Safe to Darkside Daring. I started my gauges.

My inspiration for such a decision came from a mixture of curiosity, rebellion, and Travis McCoy in all his gorgeousness. He was the first guy I ever saw with stretched lobes and I’ve been mesmerized by them ever since. The process is fairly simple and painless. It’s nothing compared to the hell of the initial ear piercing by any means. Every 6 weeks I pay a visit to my local piercer and go the next size up in my stretching process.

This past Saturday was the second stretching and who knows how far I’ll know go before I stop. I brought Moms along (she had no idea I started in the first place). She was a combination of disgusted and intrigued. Those emotions being expressed through a deep Southern accent was quite hilarious. The aftermath isn’t so funny. My lobes are sore and I can’t touch my ears at all. It kind of sucks actually.

For you readers burning with questions, I’ll try and answer the most frequently asked. No, it doesn’t hurt really. It’s more annoying than anything. The stretching process can either be done by a pro or you can buy tapers and do it yourself. If done by a piercer, it’s simply pushing a bar through your existing ear hole. There are sizes and you normally go up in gauge size with every 6 week stretching. Tapers aren’t very attractive, so I don’t suggest that route. Another unknown fact: the higher the number, the smaller the gauge. An average ear piercing is an 18 and the sizes go up by 2s. I went from an 18, to a 12, and now I’m an 8. No more skipping from this point on though. The gauge sizes increase by too much to skip a step. Yes, the gauging process is reversible. Well, to an extent. A size 0 is the point of no return. Once you pass a 0, your ear piercing will never go back to regular size.

I love my gauges way more than I expected to. That’s what keeps me from smacking people when they frown at me because I have them. It really freaks some people out for some reason. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten the rude “Why did you do that to yourself?” Mofo because I WANTED TO. That’s why. So ladies, if you’re curious about the gauging process, do your research and make sure it’s something you want. I love mine and I think they’re super cool. Do what the hell you want. I did.

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7 Responses to “Gals with Gauges”

  1. ashley says:

    wait so if i get to a size zero i can’t go back?!

  2. Sistargirl Leilanie says:

    oOo great minds thing alike. I was in the process of stretching, didn’t work out. I’ll start again soon though. How much has it cost you so far?

  3. Yee yee says:

    I have size 0 but I was thinking of going to 00. It’s almost as addicting as tattoos!

  4. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    I think gauges are hot, but for me, I’ll stick to my ink addiction. :)

  5. LiaDelFresco LiaDelFresco says:

    I absolutely <3 my gauges. My stretchings are only $30 (plugs included) so I’m at a grand total of $60 thus far. Trust, I plan on going to around a 0. Yee is right. Gauges are almost as addicting as tattoos. I dont have any tats yet, but as much as I love my gauges a little ink isnt too far away!

  6. Leigh says:

    My goal size is 1/2″ and I doubt I’d go any further than that, as addictive as it is. :)

  7. i love my gauges ([ 1/2 ]) im going bigger too! ive had them for about 4years now. best thing ever. to me they are beautiful:)<3


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