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Eager To Wear: Print Bottoms

Patterned Pants

Patterned Pants

It’s always cold where I live. Montreal, Qc; the city of frost. We enjoy 2 months of actual heat. As a matter of fact, it snowed yesterday, whereas the day before it was 17 degrees Celsius. It’s always funny to me; we’re all so eager to experience the warm weather that at the first break of actual heat bearing sunlight, all garments come off. I see men roaming the streets in shorts, women wearing sandals as I, still in my coat, wonder if there is something in the water that makes them act this way. We have a saying, “en avril ne te decouvre pas d’un fil”, in colloquial English that would be, “just because you see a lil’ sun doesn’t mean you have to undress yourself! Put your clothes back on! It’s still cold!”

I can understand their eagerness though, I am so excited for the summer…working full-time, which means no more debts, more money, more free time and more clothes! I just can’t wait to shop; I haven’t done so in ages. Prints are on my mind, and I just might be bold and purchase some print pants, a popular trend for Spring 2010.

Although I’ve read some articles about mixing them with a different print as a top, I’m a little afraid to venture into such a patterned frenzy. I would pair them instead with a plain fitted shirt to make  the pants the piece de resistance of the outfit.

Curvier women need not be afraid of the printed bottom as it does call attention to your bottom half. Go for a more relaxed fit as opposed to a skinny cut, and it will flatter your figure.

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3 Responses to “Eager To Wear: Print Bottoms”

  1. VERY into this look. I need to get me some of these pants. And good nod to the curvy gals like me!
    Oh, and it’s the EXACT same here in NY- the moment the sun shines and it gets to less-than-winter-coat weather, people are in bikinis and flip flops. There are always the awkward transition days/outfits. :)

  2. Ireeeez says:

    Where can I find these exact patterned pants?

  3. Magdalene Ayuk Magdalene Ayuk says:

    The ones on the top image are from the online fashion store: . Here is the link to the leopard print one: The orange one: I can’t seem to find the other one… But check it out, you may find others you like as well.


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