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Camper Fall/Winter 2010 Preview

Camper Fall/Winter 2010 Preview

Camper Fall/Winter 2010 Preview

MISS swung by the Camper showroom for a hot minute to peep the Fall/Winter 2010 collection, and the event was nothing short of extravagant. No surprise there seeing as the forthcoming collection’s theme is named ‘Extraordinary Crafts’ and was showcased by six different vignettes.

Designed to be interactive with the visitors, upon entering we were greeted with a tequila-based cocktail as well as the first vignette: showcasing Camper’s lightweight footwear, styles floated in mid-air thanks to the help of helium balloons. Bubbles also encased the room, giving way to a larger space showcasing the remaining five vignettes, where visitors were greeted by a clown creating custom balloons! (Yours truly got a flower design.)

If ever there was a unique way to illustrate a product’s qualities, Camper proved it. To showcase their unisex footwear, legendary drag queen Erickatoure Aviance was on hand for a performance.

And how else to best illustrate a product’s waterproof qualities than to fully submerse it in liquid? A dunk tank was set up, the victim none other than a good-natured member of the Camper crew.

Of course Camper has an eco-friendly element to it; to showcase the combo of recycled and treated rubber with virgin rubber and a variety of wool a ‘Broccoflower Garden’ was on hand. Dubbed the ‘Hybrid’ vignette, it “displayed true hybrid form in both nature and fashion.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Illustrating comfort was — no joke — a man lying on a bed of nails. Why go the ironic route with this one? Says the Camper team: “What would you rather be standing on? Obviously, CAMPER footwear.” Point taken.

Another instructing structure to note: the Hoberman Sphere Sculpture, an eye-catching display to illustrate “the craftsmanship that goes into the ‘360 Degree’ stitching process.” What’s this mean? Less glue used, thus more flexibility in the Camper shoe. According to Camper, “much like the footwear containing this craft, Hoberman Spheres are colorful, flexible, and adapt with ease.”

Also on hand: Camper’s To&Gether’s collection, featuring collaborations with Veronique Branquinho, Romain Kremer, Jaime Hayon, Bernhard Willhelm and Marie Blaisse. To shop Camper’s current selection, check out the Camper online store.

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