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Women Making History: Jane Goodall

Women Who Made History: Jane Goodall

Women Who Made History: Jane Goodall

“Her life is a progression of discovery after discovery.” –unknown colleague of Jane Goodall

The quote, along with Jane Goodall‘s body of work and the way in which she chooses to work are a few of the reasons M.I.S.S. has chosen to honor her during our Women Making History series.

I remember sitting in my physical anthropology class with my elbow on my desk, using my head to prop up my sleepy head, and dreading the VHS tape my teacher was about to play. Upon my teacher pressing play, I remember seeing chimpanzees, families of them interacting, and one platinum haired English women amongst them. The caption read “James Goodall, Primatologist.”

There was something warm about Jane’s presence in the video. Her personality was endearing and she genuinely cared for the chimps around her as if they were her own friends and family. I can’t recall the name of the video now but there are several similar videos of her by BBC and National Geographic; all of which explore the emotions, cognitive abilities and behavioral patterns of Chimpanzees–aspects of Chimpanzee life that Jane Goodall shed light with loving care and persistence rather than distant observation and short periods of time.

Jane, who was 26 at the time, began her work with Chimps in 1960 at the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, East Africa. Seventeen years later she began the Jane Goodall Institute which seeks to improve the understanding and treatment of great apes, preserve their habitats, and create a worldwide network of youth (Roots and Shoots) who take responsibility and action in caring for the world.

Besides being a primatologist, she is an ethologist and anthropologist, as well as a Messenger of Peace for the United Nations. Her active role in the community speaks volumes about how a single person has the ability to gather others and work towards the improvement of the world.

A Message From Jane Goodall

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