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Women Making History: Dana La Rock

Women Making History: Dana La Rock

In 2008, Dana Washington aka Dana La Rock, released “GoldBooms, SilverBangs: The Fun Tape,” an experimental electro-based mixtape she made on a $30 microphone from Guitar Center. With production by DJ A-Track and others on the mixtape, it was recieved with much acclaim.

We were sure we’d hear a lot more from Dana La Rock but she took a needed hiatus from music. Now we’re happy to announce that the 24-year old teacher preparation student is back with two new projects up her sleeve: “The Lover/Flying Lotus Listening” and “Port Loverfly EP”. Dana’s new projects will release towards the second half of 2010.

Women Making History: Dana La Rock

2008's GoldBooms, SilverBangs: The Fun Tape

The driven So-Cal native is also putting together a mini-Q&A documentary seeking opinions/experiences on the “worth” of love and relationships later on this year/2011, as a side project away from music.

Dana gave us a run-down on her background:

I’m Dana (LA ROCK) and I’m the girl who can pretty much do the basics of almost everything. I rap and sing, write, work with kids and I’m picking up film photography and surfing. Everything I’m apart of is birthed from love, experimentation +expression. I figure when you’re honestly expressing yourself through creativity, nothing and no one can deny the truth. With that said I make music that’s straight from the heart and honest with the likes to bring a different listening experience. I’m not known worldwide which I am completely content with, yet I’m very thankful for ears hearing and spreading the word. I like the status of creating goodness without being in the spotlight, quality brings its own recognition.”

Women Making History: Dana La Rock

Dana La Rock's Cali flavor and gospel roots fuel the unique style of her voice...

A little more on Dana’s background:

I grew up in Buena Park, California, and I’m still residing in the Orange County vicinity, I love it here. Music has been in my life since forever, in Junior High school I would dub tape cassettes from random CDs I had and made little “mixtapes”. I’m sure many people know what I’m talking about! I thought I was a DJ (lol), I thought I was going to be a DJ, but I got a mic in my hand before turntables.

I’ve been exposed to music since a kid, my parents both play piano/organ/keyboards, I grew up in the church (gospel music) and the constant sounds of 60s/70s soul music blaring from my mother. They all had influences on me to test out music for myself which is where I’m at today. I found my voice around 2005, I’ve always been so shy to record and perform, still am till this day, but it’s all a good rush. I started out rapping because I well, singing wasn’t a true gift (yet I still sing, God gave me a voice to utilize). I put out a little project prior to 2005 called “Estrogen vs Hiphop”, it was super underground rap and I’m very much embarrassed to pop that CD back in and listen to it now. My musical influences range from Lauryn Hill to Andre 3000 to Cee Lo Green (of Goodie Mob/Gnarls Barkley) to Santigold. My voice has a sort of unique distinction which I absolutely adore… It’s always weird hearing my own voice playing aloud.

Women Making History: Dana La Rock

Dana hopes to work with producer Flying Lotus in the future...

SexSlaveShip, off of her “The Lover/Flying Lotus Listening” project is the track in the video below, featuring Blaxploitation scenes from the cult classic 1976 film “Velvet Smooth.”

The Lover/Flying Lotus Project is Dana’s own addition to tracks off of ‘Los Angeles,’ the album Los Angeles-based producer Flying Lotus released in 2008. Dana hopes she can catch the experimental producer’s eye with this project.

Dana. – SexSlaveShip (prod. Flying Lotus) from DANA. on Vimeo.

Below, Dana La Rock presents the Video Teaser for her mini EP “Port Loverfly”, which lightly chronicles a spacey journey of love. “Port Loverfly” is the prelude effort to a series of conceptual love based EPs. Release date TBA.

Port Loverfly EP Promo from DANA. on Vimeo.

Women Making History: Dana La Rock

Dana La Rock: Freedom Fighter

M.I.S.S.: What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

If I could choose too, I’d pick my two sisters. Both of them have this aura of womanly stature and strength, I have yet to grasp. I look up to them both equally and I hold a great amount of respect and love for them. They are the definition of strong Women and the best sisters in the world.

M.I.S.S.: How did you get your start in music?

I got into music as a testament to folks who wouldn’t give me the time or day, but over the years I realized making music should be for me and expression. I’m not trying to make statements anymore or trying to get a deal, I just vowed to make good music that’s 100% from me.

M.I.S.S.: What’s your favorite song that you’ve created?

I have this track titled “The Revival (Soul!)” off ‘The Lover/Flying Lotus Listening’ I’m releasing soon. It speaks from my own experiences with music and from what I see others doing. It’s about being renewed and staying true to yourself and the music you’re creating.

Lyrics Go: “Gather up all your money honey, you won’t even have to sell your soul/ Gather up all your homies honey, you won’t even have to sell no dough/ No, you don’t have to sell your soul/Calling for a revival, Calling for a revival.”

M.I.S.S.: Who do you want to work with with the future?

I want to work with a few female artists from New York and definitely a band. A band is a must. Famous people? Hmm most definitely Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Flying Lotus, Aloe Blacc, Cee Lo Green, Pharrell Williams, Santigold, M.I.A (this list could go on for days!)

Women Making History: Dana La Rock

You will be hearing a lot more from Dana La Rock in the months to come...

M.I.S.S.: What part of making music is the most challenging and do you dislike the most?

Honestly everything about making music is challenging for me, but I hate songwriting the most… I usually think of songs while I’m stuck in [L.A] traffic and I never write it down (duh!), so I always forget good lines. Not smart, always carry a note pad.

M.I.S.S.: Any advice for ladies who are just starting out in a career in music?

Be you and have integrity! Support your fellow female Artists/Producers/DJs. Music, just like any other field is extremely tough and cluttered, but it’s not impossible to break into. There will always be critics spitting out negative vibes, but if you’re content with what you create/portray go for it 200%!

With Love, Dana.

Women Making History: Dana La Rock

Women Making History: Dana La Rock

Thanks, Dana!

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