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Vans Kick-Ass!

Vans Kick-Ass!

Vans Kick-Ass!

This just in!  The Kick-Ass heroes are jumping out of comic books and into movie theaters near you.  But first- catch the heroes and all of their glory at the new Vans store in Austin this Saturday, March 13 from 5-6PM.  They’ll be signing autographs and sharing some super hero secrets.  What secrets could they be?

Luckily, M.I.S.S. has the inside scoop and word around town is that they’ll be revealing…


These kicks kick ass.  You can’t go wrong with the classic Era style mixed up with the Kick-Ass colors and logo.  But not just anyone is going to have the power to rock these in the streets, because these babies are limited edition and not being sold in stores.  Just like super heroes, not just anyone can be fighting evil- or can they?

But how do you get a hold of a pair?  How do you, too, kick the ass of boring kicks with these on your feet?  You’ll have to take your chances and work your luck to win these bad boys (or good guys?) online.

Meanwhile, the city will be in full effect with all of the SXSW music and film festivities.  Austin will be the place to be, but if anything goes down, have no fear- the Kick-Ass heroes will be near!

Tune in next time to find out how to be the next hero to kick ass in these Vans.  But for now, visit the Vans store this weekend to meet the Kick-Ass heroes.  Who may they possibly be?  You’ll just have to wait to find out…

Vans Store- The Domain II
11010 Domain Dr
Austin, TX 78758

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