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The Link List: 3.6.10


I’ve been a bad girl leaving you without some links. Well here you go. It’s like internet sausage.

♥♥ This GAGA IN WONDERLAND mashup faux trailer is FANTASTIC!

♥♥ Have you heard about DJ Mamy Rock yet? She’s 69, from the UK and has mad sparkle style. Peep her on sartorial blog of the elderly, Advanced Style.

♥♥ Just what you needed – Complex Magazine’s Encyclopedia of White Rappers.

♥♥ This is your new favorite commercial for Butt Drugs in Croydon, Indiana.

♥♥ Did you know that there are 90 kinds of bitches?

♥♥ Bacon or Beercan is pure brilliance.

♥♥ What do you think of this actual and factual chain manicure from the Gareth Pugh runway?

♥♥ First it was bleached eyebrows. Now it’s icy-dyed pastel eyebrows. via Fashionista.

♥♥ A homeless man in China is becoming a new fashion icon. How derelicte! via The Cut.

♥♥ Some pretty cool typographic playing cards on Designboom.

♥♥ And while we’re on the subject of playing cards, my kooky I Brought You A Present project is back with remixed nudie-gal cards this time around.

♥♥ Take a look at Mishka NYC’s new Tokyo shop on Hypebeast! How bad do you want an octopus chandalier?!?!

♥♥ For all of the hipster brides of America, WWD reports Urban Outfitters is getting into the bridal business.

♥♥ Pandora at Accessory Source gives a heads up on the V Magazine photo tribute to Salt N Pepa.

♥♥ Refinery 29 dropped their ultimate guide to spring shoes.

♥♥ Racked is reporting that Beyoncé and Tina Knowles are opening a beauty school in DUMBO, Brooklyn, called the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center. This makes me laugh.

♥♥ Blind people are basically human dolphins.

♥♥ Typo-graphical hits us with some interviews from art and design heavyweights like Dalek, L’atlas, and more.

♥♥ I’m sure someone sent you this link about extra small condoms for 12 year olds, in Switzerland. But in case they didn’t here you are. via Telegraph UK.

♥♥ How much do you want to take a ride on this water powered jet pack?

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One Response to “The Link List: 3.6.10”

  1. Jenessa says:

    Octopus chandeliers are by Philadelphia based artist Adam Wallacavage. He has wall coverings for sale as well. Yea, a room designed by Adam would be the raddest everrr.


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