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The Latest From ASTARS and Alpinestars by Denise Focil

ASTARS New Collection

ASTARS New Collection

February’s drawn to a close and with March setting in, it’s only natural to be anxious for warmer springtime weather. Keep your wardrobe in check this spring with trendy affordable basics from ASTARS. The airy silhouettes of the tops (we liken the tees and tops to Alexander Wang’s ever-so-popular T line) are ideal for warmer temperatures, especially when it’s to warm to entertain the thought of donning something skintight but wanting to be stylish at the same time. The 45-year-old Italian-born company has strong roots in motorsports and still pulls influence from this industry for their designs today.

Some of our must-haves from the ASTARS line? The Elisa Drape Tunic ($80), a perfectly slouchy tank we’d love to pair with leggings or jeans for sunday afternoon errands. (Jessica Alba’s been spotted in the shirt as well.) We’re loving crop tops right now, so the Class A Slouchy Cropped Top ($48) is a no-brainer… we love the acid wash too! The slash-detailed Tuxedo Tee is another favorite; we love the creative detailing to add some flare to a basic T-Shirt.

With ASTARS heritage in the motorsports industry, you’d be silly to think they didn’t offer a collection of motorcycle-esque jackets! Peep the full collection on the ASTARS online store.

Also new from the brand is Alpinestars by Denise Focil. According to the brand, the collection “takes cues from [its] racing heritage” and is “heavily focused on leather jackets with motorcycle touches.” Interestingly enough, what you won’t find on these pieces is any sort of branding. The attention is paid to detail instead, focusing on materials and the jacket’s silhouettes. The women’s collection includes jackets (leather, silk and nylon), tops, dresses and accessories (handbags and belts).  A bit edgier than the ASTARS collection, we love the motorsport-meets-fashion look and feel. You can check out the full Alpinestars by Denise Focil collection online.

You can read more about LA-based designer Denise Focil in a recent interview she did with Latina magazine.

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