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SYMMETRY Accessories

Symmetry Accessories

Symmetry Accessories

SYMMETRY is a new accessory line ready to launch for this fall. The dynamic duo behind the full-function pieces are Ted Byrnes and Gena Tuso hailing from Los Angeles, California.  Each scarf has their own jewelry-like component and variety of placed grommets. My favorite part is that each scarf comes with their own toggles on either end that can connect to any of the grommets allowing the scarf to be customized any which way by the person wearing it.  All of the grommets are reinforced with leather backing, ensuring longevity.

Every scarf for Fall 2010 is made of Wool for a warm, luxurious hand.  All the plaids are Woolrich Wools (100% American made Wool), while the lighter weight wools are from Japanese mills.  The other notions for the scarves are produced locally in Los Angeles, and the scarves themselves are cut and sewn in LA. Can’t get much better than that right?

Symmetry Accessories

Symmetry Accessories

Both designers have an affinity for scarves, their usefulness and versatility of an accessory.  Symmetry is inspired by supporting artisans and craftsmen here in the States and are hopeful that they can contribute to honestly made products coming from artisanal producers.

These scarves are truly unique and versatile – they can work their way into most anyone’s wardrobe.  The fact that they are of the highest quality fabric and notions only makes them that much more appealing.  It’s really nice to see a brand do one thing well and not try to do too much.  Symmetry launches in the Fall and we’ll keep you up to date with a list of stockists as we get closer to the release.

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