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Sculptz Legwear and Shapewear: A Review

Move over Spanx, it's SCULPTZ time!

Move over Spanx, it's SCULPTZ time!

Sculptz, a manufacturer of shapewear and legwear (and a company which has been around since 1974) recently released their new look book. It is filled with their basic undergarments, along with their fun new spring styles of hosiery made up of mauve greys, blush pinks, seafoam, and bright purples and greens. They even have new tights with a flower lace pattern called the Foliage Semi-Sheers, which will be absolutely perfect for spring. The prices range from $22.00-$70.00 and go up to an XXL, (hip sizes of up to 62”), size 20-22, and up to bra size DD. The mission statement at Sculptz is the following:

At Sculptz, we believe a great outfit starts with a woman’s own comfort and the confidence she exudes knowing she looks her best. Our Spring 2010 Legwear and Shapewear Collections give women day-into-night comfort, freeing them to wear the styles they want so they can feel confident knowing they look their best all day

–Jean Vernor, President & CEO, Sculptz

Sculptz recently sent some products our way to put to the test and review on M.I.S.S.. I was given the task to try three products – the Sculptz Shaper Shorts in Fuschiadelic ($22.00), Sculptz Classic Shaper Cami in Black ($48.00), and Sculptz High Waist Shaper Brief in Black ($30.00). Based on my past experience with shapewear (with brands which shall not be named), I was convinced that in order to try these products, I would have to set three days aside in which I would be struggling to breathe as I performed my daily tasks. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this was not the case. Instead, I have been wearing one of the items a little too much, and now I don’t like the way my clothes look on me without it!

Below I will rate the products with a grade from A-F, with said grade being largely (pun!) based on comfort, effectiveness, and wearabilty (more specifically, how many times can I wear it before I have to wash it?)

1. Sculptz Classic Shaper Cami in Black ($48.00) Grade: A-

This cami claims to “eliminate back bulge, muffin top, and bra lines”, which it was effective at doing. The tank smoothed out any ripples I had, and made my body look more even. The tank was especially good under silk blend tops, because they actually “flowed” like they never have before. “Made to lay over the hips, it stops the riding up at the waist so your shape is always, ALL WAYS at its best.” I can actually confirm that this claim is true. The big-bellied girls of the world know that with tights and tanks, we deal with the dreaded “Accordian Flap”, where your leggings/tights slooowwwly come unhinged and start to roll down over your jellyroll goodies. It’s kind-of like watching a flattened (bulldozed) cartoon character pop back into shape. This happens a lot with shirts too if you have a gut: the shirts on you are shorter than they normally should be, and you are susceptible to feeling the breeze on your bare belly cause it be poppin’. The cami, worn under all my shirts, allowed me to remain more modest and it also kept me a lot warmer. I am in love with the tanks, and you can wear them numerous times before washing them (unlike many of the panty-style undergarments). Like their slogan states, the cami is “So comfortable you’ll forget you have it on.” The only reason for the “minus” grade is because the slim fit of the tank caused my front armpit areas to be a bit more flabby (this was not visible with another shirt on top, but alone, it looked as if I were smuggling hot dogs in my underarms. Also, this product did not receive a solid “A”, because I still had to wear a bra under it, which adds an additional layer of fabric. I loved the Classic Cami, but I’m sure I would ADORE their Adjustable Underwire Shaper Cami ($50.00), which has a built-in bra.

2. Sculptz High Waist Shaper Brief in Black ($30.00) Grade: B

These granny panties claim to “smooth your tummy without squeezing you in.” I wore the garment for the whole day and wasn’t uncomfortable, but they did less slimming and more smoothing – which isn’t entirely bad. Just don’t let your man see you actively wearing these…he might not look at you the same way afterward. On a positive note, there was no “top hangover” of fat at the waist, especially when you pull these suckers at the way up underneath your bra. They work. But unless you wear thongs or a g-string underneath, these are good for one wear only and you have to wash them each time. Even with underwear underneath…I wouldn’t suggest re-wearing. This deletes points for me.

3. Sculptz Shaper Shorts in Fuschiadelic ($22.00) Grade: C-

Although this is one of Sculptz’s more affordable styles/pieces of the whole Shapewear collection, these get a big BOOO from me. The material is not as thick, dense, or supportive as the fabric of the other two items I got to try. As a result, there was some spillage at the top of the shorts and the waist area didn’t contain my middle. The cut compacted my small butt even further, which was NAGL. In addition the “Fuschiadelic” color was not very practical if you want to wear light-colored clothes over the shapewear. If they were always meant to be seen under a skirt, and that is why they are Fuchsia, you are better off with an actual pair of biker shorts – the material of the Shaper Shorts was somewhat see-through.

Other products I plan to buy and try in the line include the Sculptz Spacer Technology Body Briefer, which is similar to a bathing suit in construction, and I am also anxious to get the Sculptz Animal Opaque patterned tights and the Foliage Semi-Sheers. Oh yeah, and then there’s always the gym to help me get ready for the Spring.

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  1. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    Good to know! I love the words you chose in your review. :)
    I wear shapewear or just layer smartly sometimes to be looking hotter, but I can’t get over how unsexy these garments are. I find it odd that they are meant to make you feel your best and possibly entice, but then what? You secretly rip off the granny panties in the bathroom before getting busy? I guess we can’t win them all.


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