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Playlist: More Soundtrack Appreciation!

M.I.S.S. Playlist - Movie Soundtracks

M.I.S.S. Playlist - Movie Soundtracks

Name: Randi
Name of Playlist: Soundtrack Appreciation
Genre: Corny, dreamy, extremely catchy
Mood: Escapism

Playlist Inspiration: Some songs just make you think of a movie: In fact, some of the best songs are born from movies. This playlist is much like a movie soundtrack itself – the songs sometimes don’t flow when played one after another, but they all stand out, as they each are strongly tied to the theme of a movie (or at the very least, to a scene from the movie). Can you match the songs to the movies they are from? Hint: The songs were sourced from Boomerang, Reality Bites, Once, Dead Presidents, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Soul Food, Wild Style, Love Jones, Donnie Darko, Stranger Than Fiction, New Jack City, Pretty Woman, and of course, Dirty Dancing.

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  1. “Screen writing first, then editing next, it will give you more experience”


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