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Photo Of The Week: JJ con Bufanda by Sahara Marina Borja

JJ con Bufanda by Sahara Marina Borja

JJ con Bufanda by Sahara Marina Borja

Where did you take the photo?

Prospect Heights, BK. Some Sunday in February (they were all grey).

What were you thinking before you took the photo?

That I do not want to imply ‘noose’ with the scarf, that this is going to look like a set-up, and that JJ is continuously generous with his face. with me. I suppose that is just an extension of him, so it makes sense.

What were you thinking after you took the photo?

He blinked.  And so did the camera. And then I thought the photo would be a wash because lord knows the countless photos we’ve seen of people with half-opened or half-closed or totally closed eyes that look less like ‘a moment’ than like crap.

What’s interesting to you about the photo?

This was not a wasted frame.  His punim.  That he didn’t know his scarf was in the bushes.  That I have only started shooting him, in the 10 years I’ve known him.

What camera did you use?

Mamiya 645. CLAAAAAAANG! (that’s the shutter).

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