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NY till 3/7: Portia & Manny Half Off Winter Sale

Portia & Manny Half Off Winter Sale

These final days of winter seem to be giving us a run for our money, but better they leave our streets- and not our pockets- dry once they’re gone…

HALF OFF ALL VINTAGE CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES (yes girls, this does include boots)

Today through Sunday– in hopes of willing those to, in fact, be the last days of winter.  Just think how warm you’ll be breaking into a sprint to be the first to get in here…so, I’ll see you sneaky lil lasses on your lunch breaks, ‘sick’ days, after work, before dinner, post brunch, you know- the usual…

Portia & Manny | 198 Elizabeth Street btw Prince & Spring | 212.219.6400

Tues- Sat 12-7:30 | Sun 12-6 | closed Monday

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