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M.I.S.S. TV: M.I.S.S Does Miami



Text: Kat Popiel

Miami is one of those cities that conjures up a distinct visual palette of pink flamingoes, almost naked sun kissed bodies and kaleidoscopic cocktail mixtures.  Yet just like any girl on the top cheerleading squad who gets good grades and dates the Ken look-alike, there is mad criticism.  With the unfortunate displeasure of being defined by the wacky and sometimes tacky world of South Beach Miami, the city sports Spring Break fiascos, countless conferences full of sometimes below average executives and has amassed a colorful collection of party hungry animals.

With big winners such as Art Basel and Winter Music Conference appearing against a backdrop of swaying palm trees and sandy beaches, always brimming with a mix of Euros and out of town hipsters, you know it’s going to blow your mind, tickle your senses and have you shaking your booty. Up on the horizon is Winter Music Conference, another Miami love affair sure to boast a similar onset of debauchery and air horns.  Descending upon every available cornerstone of music equipment are 1,910 artists and DJs with over 500 events to choose from in only just 5 days.  Yet in the case of the most recent Art Basel in December; whilst the events schedule is more overwhelming than a sample sale at Barneys, fusing a mix of traditional fairs with underground satellite gallery launches, most of this might appear on the beach but the concentration of activity is over the bridge in the Design District.  Sculptures appear on unexpected corners; there are film screenings, exhibits in store locations, pop up boutiques, concerts on the rooftops of bars and secret eating clubs.  It brags an attendance rate of 40,000 people over a three day period, injecting glamour, the arrival of intellectuals from a spectrum of perspectives, show-off fashionistas, curious tourists and yes, even hardcore business dealers there with ‘Ka-Ching’ ringing in their ears – all in the name of art. Alongside this blanket of conductivity are international showrooms for design, luxury store outposts for brands such as Christian Lamboutin and Marni and specialty spaces by local brands such as Friends With You and the OHWOW Gallery.

Apart from these noisy festivals and sparkly pods of style, at the underbelly of Miami is a thriving creative community who don’t just bask in the sun, challenging the assumption that Miami is just about The Strip.  It seems that whilst Miami might appear to be an oasis of social schizophrenia at times, all that glitters can be gold, and past the immediate reflection is a place full of hidden treasures.  Here we talk to Juan Herrera, manager of the newly re-opened Cinema Nightclub, who talks about his promotional efforts to counteract stereotypes of what Miami is really like; New York music producer Michna, who spent his college years at University of Miami, explains how Miami has a unifying spirit amidst its creative folk and London bred Blue Logan provides his thoughts on his first time journey to the world of South Beach.

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