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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Sony x Disney S Series Walkmen

The Sony x Disney S Series Walkmen come in a rainbow of colors

The Sony x Disney S Series Walkmen come in a rainbow of colors

It’s officially official: if you’re tired of drab electronics and want something bathed in an obscene amount of cuteness, you need to get up and haul arse to Japan.  After all, the country is only home to more Hello Kitty cell phones, digital cameras, and Mp3 players than you can shake a bundle of sticks at.  Feel free to add these recently released Disney x Sony S Series Walkmen to the kawaii gadgets pile.  The Sony S640 and S740 Walkmen already featured a decidedly mouse flavored control scheme on the front, but now you can make the connection more official with an engraved image of Mickey, Minnie, or the couple together gracing the back of your Mp3 player.  Each unit also has a 2 inch LCD screen, an FM radio, video playback capability, and an epic 42 hour battery life.  Sony has even managed to include some very capable noise canceling headphones with each player.  Available in a wide variety of hues, including black, green, gold, and violet ,the S640 and S740 each come in either 8GB or 16GB flavors with prices starting at 13,800 yen ($152) and going all the way up to 18,800 yen ($207).  Luckily, in this internet connected age, you can order these from the Japanese Sony Style store from the comfort of your futon.

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