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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Date Check App Performs On the Go Background Checks

Intelius' Date Check App Runs Background Checks on Potential Lovers

Intelius' Date Check App Runs Background Checks on Potential Lovers

Dating is serious business these days.  Used to be you’d meet someone randomly while perusing the fiction section at your local Brentanos, go out to Sizzler, and learn their sordid life story over a steak and shrimp dinner.   Now, with everyone and their mama (literally) on every social networking site imaginable, it’s pretty simple to cruise over to MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, or Twitter and stalk your next date before dinner has even begun.  But why stop with just searching for incriminating photos and profile information?  Why not take it a step further and find out if the person you’re about to kick it with secretly has a family  or is a felon wanted for grand theft auto in 32 states?

That’s where InteliusDate Check comes in.  Available for iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, and Blackberry platforms, the free to download app allows you to run a background check on a potential date.  While the app itself is free, the checks are not.  However, if you decide to pony up $40 you can perform a number of searches ranging from Sleaze Detector (which checks for a potential criminal background) to Net Worth (just how much money does he really have anyway?).  Yes,it takes the level of stalkerdom to new heights, but you don’t want a future where you and your boo are on the Maury Povich Show together, do you?

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