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M.I.S.S. Muses: Check In With Your Dreams

M.I.S.S. Muses: Dream

The other day, I awoke vividly remembering the last few scenes of my dream from that morning. There wasn’t intense action or an exciting outcome, but I slowly woke up aware of what I was emotionally feeling, physically feeling, my choices, my actions. It was interesting- I was very aware of certain details that were unrealistic and how my actions in my dream didn’t line up with my rationality in it.

I’m a believer that our dreams aren’t about universal symbolism, but rather what the emotions and events mean to us. I always take note of what feelings I’m left with and reflect on that more than any other aspect of my dream. In this dream, I felt calm despite straying from reason with my actions. I felt compassion for myself and comfort in what was at hand. When I awoke, I felt a bit surprised as I didn’t think subconscious me would act and react in the way I did. But I realized perhaps it wasn’t such a shocker; there are certain things my mind is determined to get to and reality has not completely caught up yet.

When I snapped the picture above, I took it to have a reminder to aspire to new things and levels for myself. This week, I noticed my sleep dreams can hold what used to be my aspirations, what new wishes include, and how those sit with me. Some of these things I know. Some of what comes up for me I have tried to convince myself on a conscious level and realize there is still something open or unfinished. Some of these things were formerly unknown to me and only discovered when my subconscious alerted me to them.

I’m excited my subconscious clues me in to things previously unknown in my waking life. Those areas I don’t know and then discover- that’s where I grow. Remembering a dream, both those of my sleep and those of my heart’s desires from days past, helps me gauge where I was, where I am, and where to grow to.

Be sure to keep dreaming, and listening to what you dream.

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