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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: My Life with Lifefactory

The first glass water bottle on the market!

The first glass water bottle on the market!

My prayers have been answered!  I’ve been searching for a reusable water bottle that fits my busy lifestyle, and when I received a bottle from Lifefactory, I knew that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  In the past, I’ve toted around different containers to keep my water by my side, from old plastic water bottles, to stainless steel vessels, to even old peanut butter jars.  If I didn’t lug around some liquid, then I probably wouldn’t drink enough!  Each day, you should at least chug down 8 glasses of water, and I’ve found that when you B.Y.O.W. (bring your own water), you’re more likely to finish it.  And now that I have my Lifefactory glass water bottle, I don’t want to forget it at home.  In fact, ever since I received it last week, it’s been on the go with me.  Check out my life with Lifefactory!

Day One:
I was literally waiting by the mailbox everyday for this bottle to come.  I mean, it’s the first glass reusable water bottle to hit the market, and it’s about time.  The peanut butter jar just ain’t cutting it anymore!  I opened the lightly-padded envelope package, and alas, the bottle was all in one piece!  To go through the U.S. Postal Service and not break was already a tell tale of its durability.  But of course, that was not enough proof for me.  I just had to take a few tests of my own.

I’m a pretty clumsy gal.  Once, after forking over $25 for a fancy plastic water container with a built-in straw, I managed to drop it out of my car the very next day.  Fail.  I anticipated that I would drop this new Lifefactory bottle somewhere down the road, so I “accidentally” tipped the bottle off of the dining table.  Surprisingly, the non-toxic silicone sleeve was able to absorb the impact of the drop and it kept the glass in one piece.  And, this glass is not some cheap quality glass; it’s some pretty heavy duty stuff.  Lifefactory actually started off by making glass baby bottles with a silicone sleeve, so you know that safety is a top concern.  After a few more knocks and drops, I was convinced that this bottle would be able to handle my butter fingers.

Day Two: It's easy to make juice!

Day Two: It's easy to make juice!

Day Two:
With any new water container, you’ve got to give it a cleaning.  This has been one of my least favorite chores with previous containers; I’ve been using bottles with a narrow mouth, which means I couldn’t even fit a sponge inside!  The widemouth opening of the Lifefactory bottle made it really easy to give the bottle a good cleaning for my first use.  And, even though the bottle got super soapy, I was able to keep a firm grip on it, thanks to the silicone sleeve, once again!

I filled the bottle up with some H2O, 22 oz. to be exact, and hit the road. It was off to work I go.  I work with some pretty eco-conscious peoples, and I could already envision the water bottle envy.  By the time I settled in, I had already finished my whole bottle, and I was ready to do more experimenting.  I wanted to try something different and healthy, so I filled it up again and cut up a handful of calamansi, a small sour citrus, squeezed it directly into the bottle and even tossed in the rinds.  A few drops of honey sweetened up my concoction, and I topped it off and shook it up.  The bottle is more on the heavy side, compared to the typical plastic or stainless steel bottle, but it was actually feeling like an exercise weight as I shook.  So I did my reps, 12 on each side, and then I had some fresh calamansi juice.  Once again, the wide mouth made it easy to add citrus to my water, giving me an extra boost of Vitamin C and some delicious, nutritious flavor!

And….a few people did comment on my water bottle.  The bold blue silicone sleeve with playful circular cutouts definitely call attention to itself.  If it were up to me, I would match my water bottle to my outfit, and with Lifefactory’s 6 choices of color, it could be easy to do so.

Day Three:
Ok, I’m not only clumsy, I’m also forgetful.  I left my prized potion in my car overnight, so I was frantic trying to get it cleaned for a refill.  I had a busy evening ahead of me, and I knew I’d need water, and other liquids, to keep me going.  I’ve left water, juice, and tea in plastic water bottles before, and sometimes, it would take a few cleanings to get the taste out.  I love calamansi, but I just wanted some fresh water!  Thankfully, glass is neutral tasting, so there was no leftover taste from the previous day.  Also, glass doesn’t leach harmful chemicals, because there are none, so not only does it taste good, it’s good for your body.  No BPA’s here!  I killed my bottle before I even hit my dinner destination.

I grabbed some Afgan food from the Emerybay Public Market, and although they gave me a free soda (thanks, but no thanks), I wanted to drink some of my own stuff.  I had just picked up a bottle of wine from BevMo! and thought this glass bottle would be fine to drink from.  Yes, it may not sound too classy, but it’s glass nonetheless.  I’ll be that no one would have guessed what I was sippin’ on!

After, I gave it a quick rinse, filled up with more water, and my next sip had no wine residue.  Thank goodness, because a few glasses is enough!

Toilet water?/Is that water?

Toilet water?/Is that water?

Day Four:
I had a fun evening in store for me, and there was no way I was going to forget my Lifefactory bottle.  My plans were to hit up After Dark, an adult-friendly, science-focused monthly event at the Exploratorium.  I knew that since I would be roaming around, trying and testing different exhibits, I would build up a sweat and a thirst.  I attached a carabiner to the lid of my bottle and hung it from my Betseyville bag.  It did add a little weight to my load, but that only encouraged me to drink more to make it weigh less!
Don't be fooled with illusions...Lifefactory water bottles are the perfect size.

Don't be fooled with illusions...Lifefactory water bottles are the perfect size.

While I experimented with sight, sound, and science, I was also experimenting with this water bottle.  It didn’t fit inside my purse, but it held up just fine with the carabiner clip.  I did drop it once (or twice) in the commotion of all the crowd, and my home tests worked in the field.  I had a blast and I was well hydrated the whole time, even refilling my bottle from a toilet fountain!

The Future:

This is only the beginning of my life with Lifefactory.  I have yet to try it with hot tea, infused ice cubes, and take it on a long road trip.   And you know I’m definitely bringing it to hydrate me during my next Zumba class!  I can already see that this is going to be as essential to my daily kit as my iPhone and Burt’s Bees lip balm. The summer days have yet to come, and I know that this will keep me feeling cool.  I’m not too happy when I find my stainless steel bottles warmed from the sun.

The Lifefactory glass water bottle retails for $21.99, which is about the same price for a stainless steel vessel.  Now, since this company has gone from babies to adults, I’m hoping that they’ll also start a kid-friendly line.  My little girl wants some Lifefactory in her life as well.  Then…my prayers will truly be fulfilled!

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