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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: It’s Just One of Those Days…

Don't take it personal

Don't take it personal

Uggghhhhhhh.  Bloated.  Bitchy.  Blah.  It’s just one of those days, when the people that love you most know to stay at least 2 cities away from you because your Aunt Flo is coming for her monthly  visit…again.  You’re suffering from PMS, nature’s present before your other monthly gift.  While it’s wonderful to be a woman and all, this is definitely not one of the highlights.

Most women experience different degrees of premenstrual symptoms at one point or another, and I’m betting that some of our featured women have battled PMS.  Don’t let PMS stop you from shining though, because if those ladies can handle it, as well as the many other pressures on their plate, then you can too!  I’ve been guilty for turning on a whiny, crabby attitude during my premenstrual phase, unmotivated to do anything productive.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster!  However I feel, I blame it on PMS, which I’m actually hoping is the real reason for the crazy moods I experience.  Some women have severe symptoms each and every darned month, while for other luckier ladies, it could vary from month to month, even year to year.  From mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, depression, and even cravings, PMS in not any fun.  There are no clear conclusions on the causes of PMS but one theory is that it could stem from poor nutrition.

Thankfully, with the right nutrition, you can help reduce, and maybe even prevent, PMS.  Try these tips to turn just one of those days into days of the past:

  • Don’t give in…to the cravings.  Sugary.  Salty.  Fried.  Caffeinated.  Whatever it is that you’re craving, you don’t need it.  It will only make your body feel worse!  For instance, caffeine consumption can increase irritability and headaches, and can even make breasts tender and swollen.  Don’t drink soda and skip that coffee in the morning.  Too much salt in your diet can also lead to more bloating and water retention.  Do your best to avoid processed and fast foods, which usually contain loads of salt.  Instead, get some colorful fruits and vegetables and whole grains in.
  • Focus on what you need.  PMS could result from a deficiency from vitamin B-6 or the mineral magnesium.  Instead of taking supplements, get what you need the natural way from whole grains and dark leafy greens.
  • Put the bottle down.  Alcohol might pick up your mood, but it won’t drown your symptoms away, so make sure to stay away from it!
  • Move your body girl.  You might need to find the proper exercises during this time of the month.  My breasts get really sore, so I can’t do anything that involves vigorous movements.  Yup, no Zumba for me!  But walking, free weights, and even a swim would be beneficial, as long as your heart is pumping.
  • Get cultural.  Different cultures carry their own natural remedies for PMS.  Do your research and know that although some of those remedies may not have scientific evidence proving it will work, women for centuries have been using the techniques so there has to be some credibility to it.  Even if it’s a placebo effect, at least you’re feeling better.
  • Don’t hate…appreciate.  Try not to focus on the negative while you’re going through the hormonal battle in your body.  Your mood can directly affect the loved ones around you, so instead of taking all out on them, breathe, relax, and turn that negative energy into positivity.  It’s a great time to be cuddled up with someone close, and your extra lovin’ could even end up in a soothing massage for you!
  • Tap into your inner goddess.  Some feel that this time of the month is the best time to tune into your creativity.  Pick up a pen and pad and let your emotions form into the shape of a poem, or unleash your artistic side and create a collage of your inspirations.

And if you still are suffering each month even after trying these tips out, at least you’ll be healthier!

What about when you period  actually comes?  Well, my dear, that’s a whole other story…

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: It’s Just One of Those Days…”

  1. margaret says:

    my awful remedy is a very large lindt bar a bottle of midol and the entirety of freaks and geeks :)

  2. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    I don’t usually have it that bad that time of the month, but I will say that exercising always does help (no matter how much I dread it before).


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