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M.I.S.S. Exclusive: “Just For You” Mixtape by Smooth & Delicious

Chicago DJ Jesse Sandvik, aka Smooth & Delicious

Chicago DJ Jesse Sandvik, aka Smooth & Delicious

For this mixtape (made especially for M.I.S.S)., we’ve featured a DJ originally from Ithaca, NY, who now resides in Chicago. Smooth & Delicious, whose government name is Jesse Sandvik, is an avid record collector and an all-around stylish guy. His mixes (along with his outfits) are well-planned and slightly humorous (note the Corey Haim monologue which kicks off the mix, and the “mall-ish” guitar solos used as transitions between tracks – played by the DJ himself!) The mood of this mix goes perfectly with the arrival of spring and the upcoming warm weather. Smooth & Delicious definitely goes down easy.

Smooth & Delicious does a mean Wizard

Smooth & Delicious does a mean Wizard

The Mix: “Just For You” is an eclectic mix of 80’s funk and R&B that is an ALL VINYL MIX! Yes, all of the music is from records, kids! Standout tracks include B.B. and Q. Band’s “Imagination” and Fatback’s “Please Stay”. See the full tracklisting below and click on the the link below the music player to download the mix.

“The Intro” Gene Dunlop
“Love Talkin’” Tatsuro Yamashita
“Don’t Give Up” Kleeer
“I Found Lovin’” Fatback
“There It Is” Shalamar
“Attack Me With Your Love” Cameo
“HIPS” Mtume
“Nobody Can Be You” Steve Arrington
“Keep On Lovin’ Me” Whispers
“Wide Shot” Superior Movement
“I Choose You” James Pants
“Imagination” B. B. and Q. Band
“For Your Love” SOS Band
“Clean Up Your Act” Blue Magic
“6.4-Makeout Part II” Gary Wilson
“Please Stay” Fatback


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4 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Exclusive: “Just For You” Mixtape by Smooth & Delicious”

  1. Joy says:

    I’m feelin it. Especially Tatsuro Yamashita

  2. JEAN S. says:


  3. safety1stpop says:

    small town threatening…..

  4. Neeksie says:

    Now that’s FUNKY!


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