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M·A·C Makeup Looks at London Fashion Week: Todd Lynn, Meadham Kirchhoff, and Vivienne Westwood Red Label

The good people over at M·A·C were kind enough to share their facecharts from the Fall 2010 shows during London Fashion Week. Today’s facecharts include: Todd Lynn, Meadham Kirchhoff, and Vivienne Westwood Red Label, whose shows took place on Sunday, February 21st.

Todd Lynn


M·A·C artist, Terry Barber created a barely there look for Todd Lynn‘s Fall 2010 collection. Said the artist,” It’s nude and perfect, but in a very REAL way. I’m really referencing the way that women want to look now. It’s about makeup imitating skincare.” M·A·C Studio Sculpt Foundation was applied to the face for a flawless finish. Cream Colour Base in Pearl was blended onto cheekbones with the fingers, while Cream Colour Base in Luna was added on top of the cheekbone for an intensified highlight. *Cream Colour Base in Fawntastic was used (as a highlight) in place of Pearl for deeper skin tones. For eyes, Barber used M·A·C Eye Kohl in Fascinating in the waterline of the eyelids. Full Coverage Foundation in White was smoothed over the eyelids for a milky effect, while Brow Set in Clear was brushed up through the brows. Lashes were kept bare. Barber then used Lip Erase in Dim to mute out the natural color of the lip.

Meadham Kirchhoff


The look at Meadham Kirchhoff‘s Fall 2010 show consisted of “Junkie gypsies and Rahjasthani young brides, with an artistic feel.”  Said M·A·C artist, Florrie White, “They’re strong, passionate girls. I’m reflecting the coloring and layering in the collection with multiple textures and shades for a real artisan feel.”  White applied Eye Shadow in Tete-A-Tint all over the lid and underneath the eye (imprecisely for a messy look).  Eye Shadow in Palace Pedigreed (available Fall 2010) was then washed over the brown bone and lower lash line.  Eye Kohl in Smolder was used to create a thick, messy line beneath the lower lashes. Pro Gloss Texture was then painted under the lower  lashes (as a base).  Glitters in 3D Gold, Copper, and Reflects Very Pink were then randomly blended beneath the eyes.  Lip Pencil in Redd was dotted on the inner corners of the eyes and topped with Gloss Texture and a small cut out of red, reflective paper. Lashes were left bare while Brow Set in Clear was brushed  upwards through brows. White kept lips minimal using Blushcreme in Laid Back (patted on to the lips for a stain).

Vivienne Westwood Red Label


According to M·A·C artist, Gordon Espinet, “Vivienne’s brief was slightly boyish makeup that embraced the idea of of shadows from light, so I looked to the photography of Penn and Avedon and how they would shape and shade a face with light.” Espinet  applied M·A·C Strobe Liquid mixed Face and Body Foundation in White (as well as either C1 or C2) to give skin a translucent pallor. Powder Blush in Taupe was brushed on as a base for the contour. Eye Shadow in Quarry was applied to cool down the color, while Copperplate deepened the shadows (all applied to cheekbones, temples, ears, and jaw with a #116 brush). Espinet then applied Powder Blush in Taupe and Eye Shadows in Quarry and Copperplate from the lash line to the brow with a soft #224 brush (and swept beneath the eye and down the sides of the nose with a #219 brush). Lashes were kept bare. Lip Erase in Pale was applied to the lips followed by Lip Pencil in Stone (to top lip and beneath bottom lip only). Eye Shadow in Copperplate was then layered over the lip pencil for a matte grey brown tone.

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