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Get Yourself “Pedi Ready” with Freeman Barefoot Foot Scrubs

Freeman Barefoot Revitalizing Lemon & Sage Foot Scrub- $3.99

Freeman Barefoot Revitalizing Lemon & Sage Foot Scrub- $3.99

With spring’s arrival comes the season of the PEDICURE. After months of bundling up in boots, your feet might NOT be ready to pound the pavement just yet. Ladies, save yourself from the weekly trip to the nail salon with Freeman Barefoot Foot Scrubs. I’m a DIY fanatic, so not only am I saving money by doing my own pedicures, but soft skin is within arm’s reach, conveniently in my own shower. Infused with pumice, sugar cane extract, and tea tree oil, the scrubs exfoliate and revitalize dry, tired feet. What I like best about this product is that unlike a pumice STONE, the scrub doesn’t leave small tears in my skin and there’s no chance of it collecting bacteria. Revitalizing Lemon & Sage is PERFECT to use in the morning- its aromatic blend of citrus and herbs awakens your senses and soothes your soles. For optimum results, follow up (immediately after shower) with a thick body cream to lock in moisture. The foot scrub is gentle enough to use daily, so treat yourself to a spa day EVERY DAY. For more information on Freeman Barefoot Foot Scrubs, visit Freemanbeauty.com.


Cost: $3.99
Value: Excellent
Accessibility: Excellent
Where to Buy: Mass merchandise stores nationwide

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