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Fashion Meets Music: Prince



Before we start:

Cream (video) wasn’t available so we had to go with this:

Diamonds and Pearls (again another video).

Nope that wasn’t available either. OK, I think all of the gorgeous readers of M.I.S.S. can say that you have SOME SORT of Prince memory that made you look at fashion a different way.

FUNK? Next to Prince I believe that Lady Lexx is the person you need to be talking with.

I know by now that you are not babies. We all know that Prince is a gorgeous creature that has inspired men and women the world over to literally live the beautiful life. I truly encourage a live Prince performance in your life to affirm this belief.

Reason I Attest: Once saw the man boogie around a stage in a desert while in southern California. I damn near fell in love. With the guy playing the guitar, singing on the right side of the stage in the cream suit. There have been dreams.

Once you see The Artist Formally Known, or just Prince, because he is the Artist, in assless chaps. IT’S DONE. I’m warning you.

The most sexy androgyny that the mind can afford.

Prince’s new single “Cause and Effect” mp3

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7 Responses to “Fashion Meets Music: Prince”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    I have yet to master one of my life goals– looking as good as Prince in assless pants. He is a god!

  2. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    YES. Androgynous aren’t necessarily my cup of tea, but Prince is magical. He will never go out of style.

  3. Jenessa Jenessa says:

    “Prince is magical,” i love that stella :)

    he truly is, all you need to do is listen. observe. and soak in the sexy!

  4. Valerie says:

    Prince is so gorgeous I can’t stand it!!! He’s been able to get away things that I think no other person can. The shirtless “Prince” album cover is my fav! :)

  5. M.I.S.S. Randi Hernandez says:

    yeah he is normally everything I don’t like in a man…yet somehow he remains my ideal man. Go figure.

  6. Randi Hernandez Randi says:

    sorry L and G for ganking pic by accident

  7. amber says:

    i live for prince *drooooooool*


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