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Fashion Meets Music: Lisa Lisa

Lisa Velez

Lisa Velez

This week we are featuring everyone’s favorite Puerto Rican freestyle diva, Lisa Velez, of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam fame. When “I Wonder If I Take You Home,” hit the airwaves in the summer of 1985 a Latina hip-hop star from Brooklyn was born. She danced across television sets in her hot pink satin jumpsuits with matching headband alongside The Full Force, Alex “Spanador” Moseley and Mike Hughes. The single, which eventually went gold was followed by the classic, “Can I Take You Home,” which was later sampled by M.I.S.S favorites, and Puerto Rican super twins, Nina Sky, for their 2004 hit, “Move Ya Body.”

Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam was a certified platinum album. The followup, Spanish Fly also gave way to two number one hits and set dance floors on fire. “Head To Toe” and “Lost In Emotion” are classic jumpoffs sure to set your inner Boriqua into full fledged booty-shakin’ glory, or bustin’ your finest running man, either way. Matter of fact, let me hit you with a couple of videos for inspiration.

Fashion Trends and the Woman Who Gave us Freestyle

Fashion Trends and the Woman Who Gave us Freestyle

Peep game people! Lisa Lisa was rockin’ the mismatched earrings, tapered haircuts, an flashy clothes when we were askin’ our mom’s to tie our shoes (I was one years old in 1985 folks, bear with me!) I wish that my aunts wouldn’t kill me if I were to post up pictures of their clothes and haircuts around this time. Let’s face it Titi Doll and Titi Mil as gorgeous as you are today, y’all were rockin’ the “Lisa Lisa” haircuts riding your bikes around town!

What is old always becomes new again with reinvention. Let it be known, I rock the feathered/mismatched earrings, am the proud owner of a tapered haircut, and carry MAC’s Girl About Town (hot pink) lipstick in my purse, two decades later. Thank you Lisa Velez for being so fly. And Puerto Rican 😉

Speaking of gorgeous today, along with hosting the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York, Lisa Lisa also served as a spokesperson for the Literacy, Pass It On campaign, the Youth Suicide National Center, SUN (Solutions Unlimited Now) and countless other charitable community based organizations.

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  1. Gee Gee says:

    Lisa Lisa was the truth!! Great post as always Jenessa… I have to get my mismatched earring game up!


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