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Ears To The Street: This Is Your Father’s Chambray.

Ears To The Streets: This Is Your Fathers Chambray. 1. Chloé SS10 2. Levi's "The Work Western Shirt" 3. L.L. Bean "Union Wharf Indigo Shirt" 4. Polo "Chambray Workshirt" 5. J.Crew "Faded Chambray Shirt" 6. Lands End "The Heritge Chambray Workshirt" 7. Gap "Indigo Military Chambray Shirt" & "Sun-Faded Chambray Shirt"

Ever since Chloé’s SS10 collection dropped last Fall I can’t get the image of MacGibbon’s denim clad model out of my mind. The head-to-toe-look from the tucked in Chambray to the slim fit jeans, not to mention the contrasting patches/shades of denim has stained my brain! So this post is dedicated to the Chambray shirt. And yes, it’s the same shirt your Dad might wear to work on “Casual Friday” but how you work it is all up to you. Go over-sized or kid sized for a shrunken look. But stay with a classic style, this way when the trend hits again you’ll be ready. There is no need to run out and drop ton$$ on a Chambray shirt. Here are some classic selections that don’t break the bank. You could even get a little crafty with it and get a seam ripper from the fabric/sewing supply store and remove the pockets alá Chloé! AND AND AND!! If you want to save even more hit up your local secondhand shop and hunt down a used version…no shame in that game! Spring is coming and she wants you to be ready!

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