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Amy Winehouse x Fred Perry


Just because Miss Winehouse isn’t busy in the studio does not mean she isn’t bee status anywhere else.  She is putting herself back on the radar, this time in fashion.  In January 2009 we heard a rumor that Amy Winehouse was working with Fred Perry.  Now, we’ve confirmed that Winehouse is launching a clothing collection in collaboration with British label Fred Perry, to make its debut in stores in October.

I mean yeah, she’s as crooked as a joy ride jaunt and all but c’mon, we all have love for this

Amy has been wearing Fred Perry for years, so we were aware she was a genuine fan of the brand,” said Richard Martin, Fred Perry’s marketing director, of the initial pursuit of Winehouse for the design gig. “Amy has a unique sense of style that reflects the brand’s own historical reference points.

If Lagerfeld said she is a fashion icon, then obviously the stamp of approval is held high right? The collection will showcase slim, thigh-skimming pencil skirts; capri pants, a mini bowling dress, and Fred Perry’s signature polo shirts. The collection, which will wholesale for between about $32 and $150, will continue over four seasons and be sold in Fred Perry Authentic boutiques as well as through select wholesalers globally. “Amy gave crucial input on proportion, color and fit.”

I can’t wait to see the garments in person! Keep an eye out this coming fall ladies.


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2 Responses to “Amy Winehouse x Fred Perry”

  1. Jenessa says:

    are ballet slippers in the product line? not one thing about winehouse exudes chic, style, or icon. unfortunate because i’m a huge fan of her music. she needs to clean her act up. just my opinion.

  2. Randi Hernandez Randi says:

    “Amy gave crucial information….”
    All I can picture her doing is grunting between periodic spells of nodding off. Dopesick in plaid. I’m not making fun, it’s just all i can picture.


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