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Advance Listen to “Magical” by Lady Daisey

Lady Daisey - "Magical"

Lady Daisey - "Magical"

The good people at BBE Records recently gave M.I.S.S. an advance listen to the newest single from Lady Daisey, the still-unreleased “Magical”. This light, feel-good track produced by Batsauce features the singer gliding effortlessly over the melody. The track seems perfectly suited to Miss Lady; throughout the verses she demonstrates fantastic vocal control and her strong vibrato shines against the pared down beat. The song lyrics stress a need to move on instead of dwelling on the past and they echo the sentiment that “Life is Short” – Life is the “Good times, bad times. And the times when we ain’t got no time”

Follow the link http://www.bbemusic.com/data.pl?track=GBEQT1001728
to the BBE website to stream the track, along with multiple other remixes of the track at the site. This is Daisey & Batsauce’s first BBE release and features many special mixes including tracks DJ Vadim & Lil’ Ste and Supa Dave West. I really like the “Wow Mix” version myself.

There is also a video for “Magical”, but it does not seem to be the official flick associated with the BBE release.

*Fun fact: Batsauce and Lady Daisey are husband and wife!

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