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82nd Annual Academy Awards: Fashion at the Oscars

Fashion at the Oscars: Jennifer Lopez in Giorgio Armani Prive & Sarah Jessia Parker in Chanel Haute Couture

Fashion at the Oscars: Jennifer Lopez in Giorgio Armani Prive & Sarah Jessia Parker in Chanel Haute Couture

One of my favorite nights in fashion just came to a close and of course I’m here to give you my two cents.  When I covered the Golden Globes earlier this year, the main thing I took away was that I was…yawn, bored.  The Oscars were a bit more interesting but most actresses still played it safe – but at least some had the good sense to wear couture!

My two favorite dresses of the night happened to be haute couture:  Jennifer Lopez in Giorgio Armani Prive and Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Haute Couture.  Lopez was stunning in an iridescent pink dress that was equally sparkly and dramatic.  The extra petal at her hip were beautiful and accentuated her feminine curves.  Parker’s gown, on the other hand, was striking in it’s simplicity. The most beautiful part of the dress was the neckline and back of the dress.  Both women wore the most popular hairdo of the night – the messy updo.

Fashion at the Oscars: Gabourey Sidibe in Marchesa &  Mo'Nique in Tadashi Shoji

Fashion at the Oscars: Gabourey Sidibe in Marchesa & Mo'Nique in Tadashi Shoji

The best story behind an outfit – without a doubt – goes to Mo’Nique.  Her entire ensemble was dedicated and made in homage to Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American actor to be nominated and win an Oscar for her role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind.  Mo’Nique stated:

The reason why I have on this royal blue dress is because it’s the color that Hattie McDaniel wore in 1940 when she accepted her Oscar. The reason why I have this gardenia in my hair, it is the flower that Hattie McDaniel wore when she accepted her Oscar. So for you, Miss Hattie McDaniel, I feel you all over me.

Overall, the ladies looked lovely and there weren’t too many missteps… though of course I had my least favorites.  Here’s my quick rundown on the trends I picked up on and my picks for different categories:

Color Trends:  Lots of metallic shimmer, especially gold, but silver and iridescent were also really popular.  Blue also was a popular color for the night – from midnight navy to royal blue to pale baby blue – blue was popular in many shades.  Pale blush was also on the carpet and I must say, I was not a fan.  The color of the dresses were too close to the color of Demi Moore’s & Anna Kendrick’s skin – they blended in too much and were not flattering (which was a shame because Demi’s dress was gorgeous!).

Couture:  Finally!  The ladies wore couture.  From Chanel, Giorgio Armani Prive, Atelier YSL, Atelier Versace, Donna Karan Couture – the ladies went a bit more high fashion.

High Slits:  At the Golden Globes the ladies showed off their um, “globes” – at the Oscars, they showed off their legs with thigh high slits.  Mariah Carey, Zoe Saldana, Demi Moore, Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Lopez all showed us a little leg.

The Messy Updo:  I’m not sure if it was the weather (rainy) or if it was intentional, but many of the ladies had messy updo’s.  Jennifer Lopez, SJP, Zoe Saldana, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Ritchie and Miley Cyrus all wore this look.

Most Improved:  Tina Fey in Michael Kors looked great.  Word on the street was that Vogue helped style her – and it showed.  She looked beautiful while still looking strong and intelligent and didn’t have any uncomfortably low necklines.  Mariah Carey also came far.  She still had the girls on display but this look was almost classy for her.

Least Favorite:  Charlize Theron & Zoe Saldana.  Charlize’s awkwardly placed rosettes drew all the attention to the breasts – and looked ridiculous.  Yes, Dior, apparently, can do wrong.  Zoe’s dress was beautiful from the waist up but the mass of tiny ruffles on the bottom of the dress was just too much.

Most In Need of Finishing School:  Miley Cyrus and Kristen Steward are tied for this one.  Kristen Stewart should stick to converse because she can’t pull off glamour.  She needs to wipe off that smug look off her face and stop slouching before she hits the red carpet.  Miley actually has great Oscar dresses (she had one of my favorites) – she just needs to be able to wear it like a lady.

Check out the gallery to see for yourself and let us know your favorites, least favorites, etc…

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