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Six Degrees Of Sampling #5

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew x Keni Burke

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew x Keni Burke

The M.C. on the mic shouted out, “We got the Get Fresh Crew stars in the house!” And as the crowd started breaking, I didn’t reply ’cause the only stars I know are in the sky.

-Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew

The bass line in Keni Burke’s 1981 single “Rising to the Top” has been sampled by L.L. Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Doug E. Fresh, and Mary J. Blige along with a few other artists. I’ve never been big on picking favorites, but I think my man Doug E. Fresh is taking this one home! I don’t know if it’s because this song always makes me feel good, or because I LIVE to see Doug E. Fresh do his signature dance move! Mary J. Blige’s single “Love No Limit” from the What’s the 411? Remix album is also another song that I think Keni Burke would be proud to be apart of. What do you think? Have a listen! :)

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