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Online: Vimby Shop Launch

Vimby Shop Launch

VIMBY, in collaboration with RedBlack, has launched, an online clothing and apparel store targeting the arts, sports, and music sub-culture of today’s tech-savvy, action-oriented and fashion-forward youth. With the debut of VIMBY Shop, video hotbed VIMBY is connecting the growing millennial generation consumer with today’s freshest brands.


As a prominent video brand entrenched in relevant youth culture around the nation VIMBY is intent on offering the latest edgy content to an ever-expanding audience. VIMBY Shop further advances its considerable reach offering a fun, colorful range of clothing and accessories as diverse as the characters featured in its videos. The roster of clothing lines available at the shop represents a stacked line-up, combining both well-established brands and emerging new labels, some of which are exclusive to VIMBY Shop.

The shop offers fresh pieces for diverse aesthetics as well as new takes on wardrobe staples—from tees and hoodies to skirts and jackets; from button-downs and sunglasses to jewelry and hats, and myriad other items to help express any creative personality. In addition, guest artists and athletes frequently drop by to get outfitted, interviewed and model some new pieces, with the resulting video featured exclusively on

Also check out the VIMBY shop promo video!

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