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New Balance 365 Project

New Balance 365

New Balance 365 Project

When I think sneakers balance is not the first thing that comes to mind. However Boston based New Balance is out to change that with their New Balance 365 Project. Launched Monday, New Balance 365 is a collection of 365 short films that post live each morning to The films are directed by Jesper Kouthoofd, a Swedish director who has done spots for Ikea, H&M and Volvo to name a few, and will feature a New Balance silhouette from the spring/summer 2010 collection in addition to exploring the idea of balance. Today’s 20 second short shows two men, one with a really long beard and the other with Rapunzel like locks wearing the latest sneakers in an effort to engage customers in way that goes well beyond your typical online shop. At the end of each clip, product info for the featured sneaker will be shown. In this day and age no new campaign is complete without an iPhone app,  which is why New Balance 365 already has one, sorry Blackberry users.

To tap into those of us who are addicted to our iPhones, New Balance 365 will also be launching an alarm clock app that allows devoted fans to wake up to the balance. The alarm clock will wake you up with something new every day and will also allow users to view their sleep statistics and compare them with others around the world. I’m  really not sure what “the balance”  is nor do I know if comparing your sleep habits to random people around the globe is actually necessary, but I’m already downloading the app as I type.

The videos and iPhone app are all available now on the

New Balance 365 preview video on YouTube

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