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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Square’s Personal iPhone Credit Card Reader

Square's Credit Card Payment System Run's Off Your iPhone

Square's Credit Card Payment System Run's Off Your iPhone

From the creator of Twitter (maybe you’ve heard of it) comes Square, an iPhone credit card payment system perfect for freelancers, Craigslist users (the one who aren’t on the prowl for booty), Central Park hot dog vendors, shady bouncers, streetwalkers or anyone else looking to do some personal micro-transactions.  Square lets anyone with an iPhone accept credit card payments using a Square iPhone app and a small card-reading dongle which conveniently plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack.  As a Square user, all you’d have to do is enter the cash sum, swipe the credit card, and have your customer sign the screen with their finger.  The buyer can have their receipt sent to them via text message or email (that should sound familiar to you if you’ve ever been to an Apple store).  In the cash deprived, debit and credit card heavy US of A, I could see this being particularly useful.  Imagine buying lemonade from the cute kid down the street with the lemonade stand using your debit card, or being able to set up your own handicraft stand and accept credit card payments on the spot.

If you’re interested in peeping what Square has to offer for yourself, there’s a private beta going on right now.  All you’ll need to do is submit your email address to get in line.  Short of doing that, you can check out the video below.

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  1. I need something like this for my BlackBerry. This app could change the game at the flea market!


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