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Although a new designer’s best way to get on an editor’s radar is to throw a presentation to show the clothing – where a presentation being an event during which models stand around in the designer’s clothing – the atmosphere can sometimes be a little awkward. The models stand fairly still, as guests circle around them like zoo animals and get up in their faces to take their pictures. It can be tough for the models to stand and look beautiful for all that time, especially if they haven’t eaten (likely).

Aside from some fabulous Alexander McQueen shoes, new Aussie designer ZÖETWITT told me she designed everything in the “Dark Heart Winter 2010” line, including the intricate chain jewelry worn by the models and even the a scarf made out of chains that the designer was wearing. All of the models’ looks were notably black (read: extremely practical) and some of the hand-woven sweaters were made to be worn in multiple different ways. Many of the soft sweaters featured heavy open zippers at the shoulders, revealing unexpected sections of bare skin exposed. They were really quite sexy! The designer coaxed and encouraged attendees to “caress” the fabrics, explaining that she made all her garments in an ethical manner. As a result of growing up in a wool farm, Zöe values wool’s usefulness. Knowing that some Americans have a dislike for wool, and have the belief that all wool is unbearable and itchy, Zöe set out to CREATE a wool silk Italian blend jersey that was soft and luxurious. She also incorporated items in the line that were all made of recycled leather ethically traded in NYC. This meant that the leather was cut into horizontal lines at the knees of a pair of the pants, and the skirt was cut literally like a bandage.

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  1. I’ve seen that lady so many times too!

  2. Wow, I really like her style! Good line to find out about.


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