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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Ports 1961 “Craeft” Fall 2010

M.I.S.S. NYFW: Ports 1961

Designer Tia Cibani’s line Ports 1961 is often described as having “futuristic, yet earthy elements” and her designs often nod to genres of the past. But rather than simply re-purposing garments from yesteryear, and ripping the designs directly from a particular era, Ms. Cibani gently references familiar design elements while retaining a sense of innovation. The items from her Fall 2010 line spark the sentimental memory, but they also still manage to remain relevant in our current time period. In other words, Tia Cibani “reflects the past, while embracing the future. She remembers without nostalgia.” This design approach successfully breathes life into a world of fashion that has already seen and done everything humanly possible. In other words, the Ports 1961 line is easily the best and most beautiful collection that we have seen at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to date.

The clever fitted leather hats worn by a handful of the models and the structural, puffy sweaters and jackets immediately triggered thoughts of a former “Lady of the Air” Amelia Earhart. The loose trapeze-like silk pants and the hand ornaments also referenced invention; perhaps invention of a flying machine in the naturalistic setting of a wide-open sky. The hair of models the was wild and teased, much as if it had been blowing in the wind, and the makeup (by the M.A.C. Pro Team) focused on a glittery bronze shadow on the upper and lower parts of the eye (to replicate, I would suggest using M.A.C.’s Honeylust shadow smudged all over).

Another striking thing about the line was the color scheme, which was described by their press release: “A rich color palette in shades of Mulberry, Tobacco, Iris and Rosemary are juxtaposed against the lighter neutrals of Freesia, Chicory, Clover and Pepper. A rubberized Sage and Ginger run through the entire story in surprising accents that are playful and fresh.” In most of the outfits, the same color in a different hue echoed throughout – broken up only by textural differences, such as silk paired with cotton, or patterned crepe mixed with textural tights. A must-have for this fall will definitely be a pair or rose-colored tights like the ones by Fogal used on the runway.

The clothing by Ports 1961 was beautiful and ethereal; who knew there really could be a heaven on earth – especially in a place like New York City!

See pictures from the runway below, and video of the Finale Walk!

Also, check out our coverage of Ports 1961 from the NYFW Spring 2010 line

*Jewelry was by Lina Peterson
*Whitney Port and her friend Roxy from the show The City were in the audience of Ports 1961!
*Leather hats were designed by Anette Becker

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