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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Luca Luca Fall 2010

M.I.S.S. NYFW: Luca Luca Fall 2010

Let’s be frank: Luca Luca will sell from stores. All of the looks presented by designer Raul Melgoza are ready-to-wear and not offensive in away way, shape or form. Luca Luca was full of wearable separates that were indeed, quite lovely. Groundbreaking, no, but lovely nonetheless.

The line featured lots of metallic colors, including a gold sequined cocktail dress and a silver liquid lame gown. These were the most outrageous pieces, while the rest of the line incorporated lots of knits and jerseys. My favorite looks included the stunning Blue silk cotton and wool dress paired with a “Blue Fox Chubby” (navy fur) and the navy lacquered tweed jacket that followed. I also really liked the lace bodysuit paired with the black leather and jersey vest and grey wool pant, as this look seemed to give a nod to the Calvin Klein designs of the early 90’s.

The look that went with Luca Luca’s minimalist aesthetic was side buns, smokey eyes, and a wine-stained lip. Very Christy Turlington.


Watch video for Luca Luca finale walk!

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