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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Farah Angsana Fall 2010

Fave looks!

Fave looks!

The invitation to Farah Angsana’s show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010 looked just like a wedding announcement – which is not surprising, considering she actually designs in the area of bridal couture.

With that in mind, I was not shocked at all to discover that most of Angsana’s Ready To Wear Fall 2010 designs focus on “the dress” or some other sort of skirt/dressy item.

The peculiar thing about this show (on the first official day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) was that it was such a mixed bag. Some of the dresses in Farah’s line – like the “slate blue chiffon evening gown with hand pleated bodice and sequined neckline and waist” – looked exactly like they sound in the sentence: busy and a bit juvenile. There was a series of fuchsia dresses that looked like they could be found in the Junior’s section of a department store, and then there was the problem of collection cohesion: Among the fuchsia dresses there were also gowns in scarlet, bordeaux, midnight blue, chocolate, “mulberry”, and black. There were too many colors together, both in short and long lengths, and the various dresses in the collection which were paired with real furs made said pieces look much classier than their counterparts.

On a positive note, this seems like an organizational and “editing” issue, as Tim Gunn would say, and it does not seem like an issue that will forever plague the designer forever. The dresses were well-made, and I had some favorites among the bunch, including a bright violet chiffon gown with a blue frosted dahlia fox fur collar, a fuchsia silk duchesse one-shoulder evening gown with black sequined tulle overlay, a black lace cocktail dress with sequined embroidery and pleated tuxedo neckline. The standout pieces of the show were chocolate silk wool cocktail dress and a luxurious golden fox fur cropped jacket with short sleeves.

Angsana also seems to have no shortage of fans. The crowd in The Salon cheered and roared for the designer when she made her appearance at the end of the show. Maybe I am just bitter I will never go to another prom and that’s why I wanted more black clothing!

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