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M.I.S.S. In The Mix: Massive Attack “Heligoland”

M.I.S.S. In The Mix: Massive Attack "Heligoland"

M.I.S.S. In The Mix: Massive Attack "Heligoland"

For all you lovers of the legendary “trip-hop”  duo Massive Attack, the wait for a new album is finally over!   Massive Attack’s highly anticipated fifth studio album Heligoland was released earlier this month.  This new album comes right off the heels of the October 2009 release of Massive Attack’s four-song EP Splitting The Atom. It was this EP that Massive Attack dropped the hint that they were well on their way back to creating musical masterpieces together. With 7 years passing since the release of their last full-length studio album, 100th Window back in 2003, one could only imagine that there must have been massive pressure on these guys to match the genius sound that they pioneered when they stepped onto the scene. Heligoland is a 10-track album that promises to deliver exactly what fans have come to love and waited so long for. An array of artist including Damon Albarn, Hope Sandoval, and long time Massive Attack collaborator Horace Andy make guest appearances on the album. The Heligoland Remix EP is now streaming on the duo’s facebook page. Check out the first single.

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