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M.I.S.S. In the Mix: Brittany Bosco New Track “Ragdoll”

Brittany Bosco drops a hot new track, "Ragdoll"

Brittany Bosco drops a hot new track, "Ragdoll"

We introduced you to the jazz-inflected powerhouse singer Brittany Bosco not too long ago, and when we told you to keep an eye out for what was in store for Bosco’s future, we didn’t realize it would be this soon! But we ain’t complaining… The singer is back with a new track entitled “Ragdoll” from her upcoming album, and we have an exclusive snippet of the track before it goes live tomorrow, February 3rd. “Ragdoll” is a psychedelic-rock heavy track injected with Bosco’s trademark soul sounds and strong voice. Reminiscent of Hendrix, the track is still able to sound very contemporary, thanks to the playful chord melodies. If this is any indication of the album, we can’t wait!

Listen to the track below, and make sure to get your free download tomorrow on Brittany’s website!

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